Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spinning Around

I'm tired tonight. I keep starting this blog post and erasing, because it's not even making sense to me! It's all good stuff, really.

We rescued 4 cats today. One went into a forever home right away, which is always a bonus. I ended up taking the adopted one into the city this afternoon to meet his new Mommy. She is a 6 week old grey kitten that was abandoned at the shelter. She was too young to be there, so the staff let me take her right away. She had only been at the shelter for an hour. :)

By the time we got on the highway I was ready to slit my wrists. THE NOISE that came from that little girl was deafening! She screamed the entire way despite me taking her from the crate and holding her in my arms. I weaved through traffic with what looked like a grey mouse around my neck from the passing motorists. Her new Mommy was thrilled with her. I can only hope that she didn't notice the hairline scratches around my chest and neck.

For those keeping track - Humble is still at the shelter. He hasn't been vaccinated and I'm worried that he's going to get sick beyond hope.

Nash is still there too. It doesn't appear that he'll be marked for euthanasia tomorrow. I think the staff is starting to pull for the old guy too. That doesn't mean they'll keep him indefinitely, but it does mean they'll give him (and me) another day.

I had a lovely voicemail message from the lady that adopted Thumper and Missy. She had never had a cat before so I've been trying to stay pretty close to her. She sounded SO happy with them. She said that Missy is the most affectionate one and Thumper is getting a shelter cold. (Blah) But she said they were eating and she loved them so much already. Yahoooo!

I ran into a man coming into the shelter yesterday with an older Burmese cat. He said he was bringing her there due to the cat having a "flea allergy". I promised the manager of the shelter I would stop talking with people who are trying to surrender their cats. (Gee. I wonder why?) So I bit my tongue. But....HOLY GOD....people never seem to amaze me how stupid they can be.

Speaking of stupid....I can't believe no one has adopted my little Bucky. I was leaving for the shelter this morning and went into my office to grab my purse and found this:
I'm thinking if anybody saw this picture, they'd be BEGGING me to adopt him. :)

(Please somebody adopt him. I'm falling in love and I can't keep the little monkey.)

Back to the shelter tomorrow to rescue one or two cats that I should've rescued this morning. I'm totally disorganized right now and the holiday season is right around the corner. I used to finish Christmas shopping in July.....I used to be so organized!


Brandon said...

If I could take another one I'd take Bucky from you no questions asked.

He is so cute and adorable. I'd love to have him.

Steve Bartlett said...

"Bucky Turner" -- has a nice ring to it. How does he get on with Thomas?

House of the Discarded said...

Steve: (I hate you!) Bucky and Thomas are best buddies. :)

Caroline said...

Beth, if ever a cat was meant for you it is Bucky! Stop fighting it and just adopt him!

Everycat said...

I do hope people come forward to offer lovely Humble and Nash the homes those old guys deserve. Such sweethearts.

Anonymous said...

Flea allergy? Seriously? Maybe if the cat didn't have fleas, there would be no allergy? Sheesh!

Love the pic of Bucky in the purse too! The closest my cats have come to my purse is to puke IN the purse!

Anonymous said...


Did Toto make it out of the shelter?

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Yes! Toto made it out of the shelter yesterday - he's safe :)