Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday & Monday

It's been a great few days in rescue. I've met an several adopters at the shelter and watched as two different families gave deserving cats forever homes:

Boris had been at the shelter for 2 months:
He was NOT going to let this wonderful family leave without him. He struttled right by the dog cages - the family has 2 dogs and were thrilled to take him home!

I met a very sweet lady at the shelter this morning. She had never had a cat before, and had many questions. She fell in love with BOTH "Thumper" and "Missy" who were surrendered to the shelter due to allergies:

Thumper acts like he owns the place and Missy will take a little longer to get used to things. She's a delicate, sweet little girl. Their new home is perfect - their Mom is a physican who lives alone. They'll be greatly loved - I can just tell.

I also rescued "Luke" this afternoon for another foster home. I hope his foster Mom can forgive me, but I just HAD to post her email that she wrote to me after she picked up Luke from the vets:

"Not long after making the left onto (the street) the car became enveloped in a distinct poopy smell. No problem here, after all, this ain’t my first rodeo!! So I pull over after lifting off the top of the carrier I pick up the offending feces in one of the ever-present plastic bags that decorate the interior of my car. I’m feeling pretty proud of how I handled the situation at this point. Luke seemed quite content to be out and about so I started the car and we drove off…for about six yards. Then Luke jumps down to the driver’s side floor. Now as I mentioned before….I’m no novice in the field of live animal transport so I promptly pulled him back up on my lap. He was quite determined but after a few more attempts he finally gave in to my wishes and peed all over my lap and car seat."

(Bahahahahaa!!!! ...what we do for the love of rescue!!)

When I was at the shelter on Sunday, there was a senior cat with a "Marked for Euthanasia" on his cage. He was supposed to die today for no other reason than he was 10-12 years old:

After I got home on Sunday, his face haunted me. I really needed Nash to survive the day today, so I contacted Kim and "Nash" was taken off the euthanasia list. He has a small reprieve and won't be so fortunate when the vet comes on Wednesday. He's a handsome mackaral tabby that seems mellow and sweet. He didn't seem to mind the other cats at the shelter and has been neutered. I'm no veterinarian, but his health looks good - he eats like a horse.

I need this boy to find a forever home. A retirement home. A loving home. I've got him posted on my Facebook page. There isn't much time left.

Gah! I really wanted to end this post on a happy note. There had been some wonderful rescues over the past few days and I'm not done yet. Looks like I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow...

....I going to spend some time with Nash tomorrow too...


Caroline said...

Luke's foster mom and I had similar experiences today, I woke up to find soft poop and vomit all over my couch and living room courtesy of my lovely foster cat Emily! Must be one of those days when the sugar hits the fan!

Everycat said...

Aaah a lap full of cat pee, this can be quite warming in winter ;)

I do hope someone can give beautiful old Nash a home. Senior cats are just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Can you please try to get an update on Thumper and Missy? I would really like to know how the first time cat owner is doing. I think it is awesome that she adopted two cats.

Anonymous said...

I just adopted a 12 year old cat who was scheduled to be euthanized and she is a delight. I hope you can find him a home. It's very satisfying to help an older cat. If only I didn't already have 6!

Shannon said...

Nash's face haunted me last night too. Beth, I've said it before, but I have no idea how you do it. Its bad enough that he may be killed for being a little mature (my mom just lost her 23 cat so its hard for me to accept a 10 y/o as a senior) but he is spending his last days in a tiny cage, sleeping on newspaper. Breaks my heart :(