Friday, November 06, 2009

A Friday Rescue!

What a day! As I type this (5 pm) my older son is on his way back from delivering cats to foster homes in Friday traffic. Bless his little heart - it only cost me a tank of gas. There were so many people involved in helping with this rescue today. Cats were transported all over the place! :)

The rescue went beautifully. I don't have all the pictures of the cats I rescued today, but the pictures that I did take speak volumes:

Look closely! This is our very own "Emily Grace". She was finally rescued today and placed in a wonderful foster home. Many thanks to Caroline's father who drove such a long way to meet me so that I didn't have to drive so far. When Caroline went to her father's house to pick up Emily Grace, she was all curled up in his lap. It must feel good to feel safe again.
This sweet 6 week old black tabby angel was named "Mayday". (Appropriate name, eh?) She was an unexpected rescue, courtesy of a soft spot for black cats that my friend "K" has. Thank you "K" for driving "Murphy" and "Conan" to their new foster home too!

This is "Murphy" being rescued! This gives you an idea how small the cages are. The cats sort of pop out when the cage opens :) You didn't have to tell Murphy twice to get in his cat carrier. He was happy to oblige!

I also rescued a very cute buff coloured declawed guy they named "Potter" at the shelter. I've honestly never seen a cat so matted in my life. I don't know how he was able to walk. The matts were so tight against his skin, that he cried out when I picked him up. His fur stunk and smelled like smoke. I hope whomever left this beautiful boy in this condition...(insert curse here).

The staff at the shelter shaved Potter for me. (Thank you Penny & Lindsay) He must've felt so much better. Look at all the hair! :

It was a happy day to be able to rescue my favourite little grey tabby sisters, "Mittens" and "Misty":

I didn't have to beg Misty to leave the shelter - she was happy to get the heck out of there.

I snapped this picture of Mittens while I was stuck in traffic. She looks like she knows something special is happening. I also received an update on Mittens and Misty from their foster Mom within an hour after they arrived in her home: "So, the girls have arrived...They have been exploring the house.. they both seem a little timid at the moment with me, although, it's Mittens that seems more bold. She's already been up on my lap - Misty is enjoying herself running up and down the stairs..They're quite beautiful.. (I think so too!)

I had some not-so-great news at the sheler today, but think I'd rather not share it, but enjoy the moment of a great week in rescue.

Of course, I'm going back on Monday.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day! Thanks to everyone who was involved! Sorry I was not myself today....but I can't thankyou enough for the rescue you have done all week Beth! You are such an amazing woman as is K!
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

Concerned Kitty said...

What a great day indeed!

I am sooooo happy that Emily Grace and the sisters have made it out of there.

God bless you and everyone that made this happen today and everyday. You have brought me joy knowing that a few more little ones have been saved.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Clarence Carter? Did he get rescued on Friday?

House of the Discarded said...

CLARENCE CARTER! How could I forget about him! Yes, he was rescued too :) :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'm so glad. :)

Caroline said...

Yay Clarence!! Way to go Beth on getting him out!