Monday, November 09, 2009

A False Alarm (I Hope)

It's been difficult to sit at the keyboard today and write. I think my adrenalin is still in full speed. Last night my new little guy became VERY sick. He had vomited so much and was completely flat. I knew in my heart it was Distemper and had to prepare myself that he would die. He was laying in my son's bed and wouldn't even lift his head. I moved him to the basement powder room where he would be warm, comfy and safe.

I sort of expected to wake up this morning to a dead or dying kitten. I opened the door carefully and Bucky shot out of the room like a ROCKET!! Not only was he not dead or dying, but he had fully recovered. He's been partying all day - jumping, playing, and eating. No signs of anything except a playful, healthy happy kitten.

Yesterday, I let him go outside in the cat den. He had a ball! He chased leaves, bugs and was leaping on the other cats. He even figured out how to come inside on his own through the cat door. I swear, this kitten is a friggin' genius! It took my cats TWO WEEKS to figure out the cat door:

I feel like I've been on "death watch" all day today. I was sure he'd collapse at any moment, but he hasn't. I was so stressed! All I can think of is that the little booger got into something that he shouldn't have outside. (Please God, don't let me think that the shitty nasty neighbours put something in the cat den to harm him. )

Needless to say, I didn't go to the shelter and I didn't go to the vets today. It was 1:00 pm before I figured out that I didn't do a thing all morning! All I did all morning was spin around and worry. Worried about the baby....feeling guilty that I didn't go to the shelter.

Tomorrow I'm definitely going to do a rescue. I've got foster homes waiting for cats. In the meantime, I just need to remember to breeeeathe.....


Anonymous said...

oh my god Bucky!!! - you are so, so yummy!!!
Oh Beth, I hope that he is ok. Sounds fine to me though. My experience with Distemper is when they start going down, they never recover. The fact that he recovered and is acting "normal" is a very good sign. That is the #1 reason I can not foster kittens anymore. I mean of course if one walked up to my door I would take it, but....As for this brilliant kitty figuring out the cat door...he is a freakin' genious, my well seasoned mature cats still can't figure it out and it has been 7 months! I just gave up and permantly propped the thing open.
I am thrilled that you are going to go pick up some more babies and take them to their warm beds tomorrow night. Good luck tomorrow.

Caroline said...

Hi Beth

Glad that little Bucky made a quick recovery. Him figuring out the cats door is sort of like today's kids figuring out the internet in comparison to their parents (depending on the age of the parents)! The cats will love seeing you tomorrow. Caroline

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous, so so gorgeous. I am so glad he didn't get distemper. I don't know how you're ever going to part with him.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, we hate it when kittens go flat... but we like it when they recover. Fingers crossed *everywhere*.


Steve Bartlett said...

It sounds to me like Bucky ate something (either inside or outside) that didn't agree with him. I had a similar experience with my dog Lisa about a year ago. All of a sudden one evening she just sort of "dropped"; she was whining, not wanting to move. I took her to the emergency clinic; they did a full exam but couldn't find anything. It turned out she'd eaten a bunch of burrs that were irritating her stomach; about an hour after I got her home she vomited them up and was fine. I'm sure he'll be fine, and I'm equally sure he'll be a keeper. I promise I won't tell David.

Ecochica said...

OMG please try to rescue Fonzy if you can Beth! I would take him if I could but I still have my three babies up for adoption!