Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Extra Kilometers, Vet Visits & Exhaustion

I hate that I feel "hassled" when I have to take my own cats to the vets. I'm at the vet's office so often with rescued cats, that it seems like an imposition when my own cats get sick.

Today was one of those days where I took my own cats Pella and Newman to the vets this morning, then had to take them home again before I left for the shelter. After the shelter, I had to go back to the vets again. Then I dropped off 4 kittens at a VERY excited new foster home.

It was a good rescue day despite the extra kilometers on my car.

I was VERY excited to rescue Baxter:

When I was at the shelter last week, I had decided to rescue this guy for a foster family that only takes declawed males. Unfortunately, it was a misprint on Baxter's cage card and he wasn't declawed. I had to put him back in the cage, which is a HUGE emotional "no-no" in my book. I was on a mission to rescue him.

This is a crap picture of me taken last week with Baxter. He was drooling, sucking on my earlobes, and was the ultimate ooey-gooey-loverboy. The foster family will be THRILLED when they get him tomorrow!

I also rescued "Speck" (Whom I renamed "Fiona")

Fiona was born with her right ear fused to her head. She also has a closed cleft pallet. (Think "Joaquin Phoenix")She's only 4 months old and just freaky enough that I know she'll be adopted in a heartbeat!

I also rescued 4 kittens today.

The shelter only allowed me to rescue the little tabbico (above). I had to leave the orange brother behind. Apparently there's an "owner" for the orange kitten. How could there be an owner for the orange kitten and not for the tabby girl? (Whatever!) I hope they don't show up so I can go back and get the orange baby.

I rescued "Niblet" today, who had been put in the same cage with her new BFF "Marley":Poor little Marley only had half a foot on his hind right foot. I don't think it was a birth defect. It actually looked like it was bitten off or something. That didn't stop him - he was playing with all the other kittens!

You didn't think I'd leave "Popples" behind, did you? Is that the world's cutest little orange face you've ever seen?

I'm feeling tired and a little worn out with worries for my own cats. Things at the shelter were grim today and I left feeling exhausted and ineffective despite the 6 little souls that are now safe. Maybe it was because I was at the shelter in the afternoon.

There's a different feel at the shelter in the afternoons, and I didn't like it.


Anonymous said...

Marley, Popples ....I LOVE YOU!! Marley is possibly the cutest kitten I have ever seen! Fiona is pretty darn cute too (who is kidding, who - I haven't seen a kitten I didn't think was cute) For some reason I find the more "freaky" they look the more people want them. When I first started adopting cats, I always thought I should take the "ugly ones" because know one else wants them...boy was I wrong. Those unique little ones always seem to be on the top of the list.

What a great rescue!! I hope that this means adoptions are up and that this will continue. I love the pics Beth. Your blog really makes my day.

Everycat said...

Another great day of rescue and little lives being given another chance in this cruel old world. Beth you are a great person to help these discarded lives to live again.

Caroline said...

Beth that's a great pic of you with Baxter! You're "bad pics" look better than my good ones! Good job on the rescues, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Its okay to get tired, but just remember you make such a difference in the lives of these cats and they know it :-)

Here's a little story to perk you up...

One day, in the very, very distant future there will be a great stirring on the rainbow bridge. News will be carried from whisker to ear that she is coming. Thousands of cats at the rainbow bridge were abandoned, neglected, surrendered or lost, they play happily now but there was a time when only one person cared about their fate. She saw their suffering and found them forever homes where they led blissful lives in cozy comfort. On the day she arrived at the rainbow bridge the cats gathered in gratitude and sat together forming a path. At the end of the path were her own cats that had been part of her family over the years, but before she reached them each cat in turn came forward to thank her. Whether a life had been long or short, they wanted to express the fullness of their hearts and that they knew she had tried so hard to help…

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Wonderful! Thank you for the smile (and goosebumps) :)