Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Back to the shelter again today! I rescued a really cute little guy named "Fonzy" for a new foster home:

Fonzy originally came in with his twin brother a few weeks ago. As you can tell by the picture, they both came in quite sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Poor little lambs - they were about 5 weeks old and the brother didn't make it. In fact, a staff member found Fonzy snuggled up to his dying brother. They really wanted to save Fonzy after that pitiful moment.

Fonzy looks great now....his foster Mom was thrilled to have him despite his few remaining sniffles. I wish I had brought my camera with me when I delivered him. The foster Mom has a huge headed older black lab. That kitten BOLTED towards the dog..."HEY! WHO ARE YOU???"

I don't know who was more thrilled - the kitten or the dog! That big ol' lab was SO happy to see the kitten! I guess the foster home had a cat that recently passed away. So it was extra sweet to see that kitten (who was about the size of the lab's nose) run up to him and the dog truly enamoured with the kitten.

Truly a missed Kodak Moment.

Have fun little man and welcome to the beginning of your new life.


Anonymous said...

Great story Beth, that one is another cutie with a new life.

I must tell you about a funny story that has to do with the Cats Den and a squirrel. The other day I let the dogs out in the back yard. Before I do this I bang on the windows to scare the squirrels away (which are hanging out near the squirrel feeder)so they can run to safety. Well for some reason the Cats Den door (with no cats inside) was wide open and a squirrel ran in there and could not find his way out. He/she decided to go through one of the little square openings, yes they are only approx: 1 sq inch. The poor little thing shockingly was able to get through to his hind legs (don't ask me how!) but was completely stuck, he had nothing to hold on to get out. After letting him try to get himself out for 15 minutes I had to do something. I grabbed a broom hoping that he would hang on to it and I could pull him up, trust me he tried, but his hands kept slipping off , I tried to push him up slowly using gloves - NO, I even coated the poor little guy with vegetable oil (using a BBQ brush) hoping he could slide out. After approx: 1hr he was giving up with exhaustion. I finally managed to cut one of the sides of the metal (using some of the worst wire cutters in the world mind you) and let him use my hand to push himself out, finally he was free - after 1hr. Poor, little squirrel - he was pretty pissed too, ran away sqwaking like mad!! The next day it took a long time for the squirrels to come back and eat, but I did see one that had very shiny fur. I thought you would like this story knowing that you have a cat den and enjoy feeding the squirrels.
This weekend I need to go and pick up some good wire cutters I guess.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: LOVED the story! I can't imagine using a BBQ brush and oil on a squirrel! The visual is hysterical! That squirrel was fortunate that you were nearby to help him! :)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure the squirrel thought you were helping? I mean...the oil and the BBQ brush does sound like basting:)

Anonymous said...

Yes I definitely thought about that afterwards. I looked up on the internet if a squirrel would recover ok from the oil, searching something like: "Recovery for squirrels coated in oil" and recipes came up. :-( poor little guy, I am sure he is tramautized for life!

Steve Bartlett said...

I'm not surprised that the foster home's Lab took to the kitten -- my black Lab just adored them, and the really young kittens in particular would stick to him like glue. I had a calico kitten that was a "private rescue"; I had to bottle feed her for the first week. She immediately adopted my black Lab as her "surrogate mom". And it turned out that the people who adopted her had one as well -- as soon as the kitten saw him, she did exactly the same thing. Apparently the dog was initially surprised, but loved having a "little buddy".

House of the Discarded said...

Steve: Labs are the best, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

A friend of my family got their cat through a lab. The dog got out of the backyard and disappeared for a few hours. He came back with what was described as a "funny look on his face", which upon closer inspection turned out to be because his mouth was partially open and two TINY TINY TINY paws were sticking out of it. Many orders to "drop it!" later, and a 5-ish week old kitten, thoroughly saturated with drool, was produced. No idea where the lab found it, but it had a new home now!