Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Bye Little Bucky

My little Bucky went to his forever home today. I started to type something that sounded pitiful and sad, but the truth is....he went to a GREAT home. I've known Sam (not his real name) for a long time and was thrilled when he stepped forward and wanted to adopt my little man.

I brought Bucky to Sam's house and despite the fact that I've known Sam for a long time, I still had that damn gnawing feeling in my stomach that I get right before any foster cat is adopted.

Sam has cats and dogs of his own, so I knew Bucky would be in good company. For the first few minutes Bucky looked worried, but seemed to settle in fairly quickly.

Bless Sam's heart - he didn't make me feel like a doofus for telling him how to feed Bucky. (Yes, I really did)

At this point, I'm sure Sam is REALLY sorry that we're friends on Facebook. Our messages today have looked something like this:

Sam: Bucky is now having fun. Casper (Note: Sam's cat) was hiding under the arm chair in the living room; he came out shortly after you left. Within an hour he and Bucky were chasing each other around the basement. Bucky has also smacked out both the big dogs, so now they're afraid of him. What a bully!

Me: Oh my gosh! You have no idea how much I needed to hear that, Sam! I'm SO glad Casper has found a "runny buddy".

Sam: Bucky (now Pippin) has made friends with all the cats, including Tulip. He's still a bit nervous with the dogs, but I expect he'll be fine with them by tomorrow at the latest. Now if I can only convince him that he really ISN'T meant to sleep on the kitchen table ...

Me: I think you should let Buck...err....Pippin do anything he wants! :)

Sam: He's defintely settled in -- right now he's curled up in my lap, purring up a storm. And I don't really mind cats on the kitchen table and counters -- I just don't want to see them doing it. Wiping off the footprints later is ok.

Me: Awwww! He loves you already! He didn't snuggle in with me like that until a week after he arrived. Maybe he's a "Guy's cat". The house seemed quiet when I came home today. I miss the little booger.


Although my back is still in pretty bad shape, I consoled myself by going from Sam's house to the shelter. I rescued "Humble" the big, sweet Tom cat that I posted for a few days ago:

I'm not the one fostering this guy, but I was so happy to get him out. I'm hoping to go back to the shelter later in the week to find another foster for me.

To Bucky: You're welcome, little man :)

To Humble: You're welcome, big man :)


Caroline said...

Yay Bucky! "Mom and Son" and "Laylah" look like a good choice for your next fosters!

Laura HP said...

Oh Pippin is a perfect name for that little guy! Sounds like he found a wonderful home =) And yay for Humble!

Elizabeth said...

Im glad humble got out!

Gosh i know how you feel about giving up fosters. My boys and girl just came home from their speuters. Which means in a week they go home to new families. I raise most of my fosters from 1-2 weeks of age and always find myself getting really attached. Then again in 10 days I'll find myself doing two hour feedings all over again, and I know that by letting my guys go, i let another litter live.

I don't know how its going in Canada, but here in Philly we are still getting very young kittens. How has the kitten season not ended yet?

Everycat said...

Yay Bucky getting such a great home and instantly taking charge of all cats, dogs and human hearts!

I'm so happy you managed to get dear Humble out to foster. That's wonderful, both Nash and Humble safe.

Comfrey oil and eucalyptus (find it in health food shops) is good for sore bones/muscles - rub it in, then apply a heat pad - hope you feel better really soon :)

Crystal said...

Congratulations Beth, sounds like Bucky will have a terrific life:)

Thanks for sharing your emotional makes me feel normal. I never imagined how hard it would be to let these babies go.

Wishing Bucky every love and happiness as he begins this exciting journey with his new family!

House of the Discarded said...

Elizabeth: Can you believe it? We're still seeing kittens and bottlefeeders here too! :(

Steve (Sam?) Bartlett said...

Beth brought Pippin to my house yesterday, and he's been doing great. He's still a bit nervous around the dogs (one of them is a rather rowdy golden retriever), but he is settling in well. He's great with the other cats and had a great snuggle with me in bed last night. Also, he likes coffee and instant scalloped potatoes.

House of the Discarded said...

Steve (Sam): I was trying to provide anonymity since I didn't get your permission for the Facebook posts! LOL!

Forgot to mention that he LOVES people food! I'm a huge coffee drinker, and he took no interest -maybe he's a black coffee drinker? :)

Steve Bartlett said...

Actually I drink coffee highly diluted -- lots of sugar and 18% cream. It's probably the cream. He'll only drink it when it's cold though. And he also LOVES cheese.

He's settling in well enough that I'll probably take him to the pub on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

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