Friday, November 20, 2009

A Friday Update

I've been in a "wait and see" position regarding rescuing for the majority of the week. I'm hoping that things will be back to normal on Monday, because I have foster homes asking for cats! The viral problems in the shelter seem to have abated, so it's time to get back to business.

I just got off the phone with someone interested in adopting "Arbie":

Typical of the majority of the population, they don't quite understand why a cat who is already neutered, declawed and VERY sweet would be scheduled for euthanasia. They don't get it. I'm hoping they'll call me back and will want to meet him tomorrow. I don't usually like going to the shelter on Saturdays, but I'd like to see this cutie get into a home.

I have another favourite. Her name is "Betty":

Betty is SWEET! She's already been spayed and declawed. She definitely didn't seem too thrilled with other cats, but it's hard to say in the shelter. She hissed, but didn't go bizerk. She's a butterball and has a VERY kissable tortie face.

If you like "Headbutts"...there's always Leroy:
Some of the staff at the shelter doesn't like Leroy, because he tries so hard to get your attention that he gives little "love swipes." I love him. He's personality ++++. He loves to give headbutts and has the sweetest face!

If you like big headed Tom cats, "Humble" is your man:

He's such a gentle, sweet soul. I really hope he makes it out of the shelter.

Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself that I'm the only woman in the house, I think about this Mom with FOUR male kittens - locked in a small double cage:

They're a cute little family. I wonder if Daddy was the same buff colour?

The lady interested in "Arbie" just called me back and cancelled. Her voicemail said she wasn't ready for a commitment yet. Maybe I could get her to foster Arbie!

Regardless, I'm looking forward to getting some cats out of that place next week. Let's hope everybody stays healthy...


Everycat said...

Humble looks like such a sweetheart, I hope someone takes him out of there, poor lad.

It's sad to see so many declawed cats. Are there records of why they were relinquished? It's a surgery that should be illegal, like it is in much of the rest of the western world.

House of the Discarded said...

Everycat: I agree! I heard that they just made declawing unlawful in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. It's a start!

By the way - I love your butterball black and white guy in your picture! What a doll!


Everycat said...

There are six cities now in California that have banned it! Two more coming up to vote next week too. We UK cat lovers have a petition that The Paw Project are using to persuade city councillors to vote for the ban. If you'd like to sign it, all signatures are welcome from every country! :)

Whicky Wuudler (the butterball) thanks you for your kindness too!

Keep up the wonderful work Beth!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather they outlaw the Petstores in Beverly Hills and LA so people like Britney and Paris don't just walk in and buy a pet they later end up ignoring!

Caroline said...

Humble looks like such a philosopher! Please let your readers know that according to an ad on Craigslist the SPCA is offering microchipping for $20 on Nov. 28th. I plan to take my foster cat.

RHz said...

Humble looks like he'd be a big scaredy cat... It's always the big guys that are!
I hope all of them make it out... And that you keep your sanity!

Le Phung said...

I would really like to foster a declawed cat like Humble. Please contact me. I'm a friend of Wendy Cheung and have been wanting to rescue for a long time. My cat of 20 years past away last January and I'm ready to open up my heart again.


House of the Discarded said...

Le: That's wonderful! There's certainly no shortage of darling declawed cats at the shelter right now. Please email me:

If I don't hear from you soon, I'll contact Wendy.

Thank you so much!


Everycat said...

Oooh did Humble get himself a lovely home with Le?

*fingers crossed*