Friday, October 23, 2009

Disgust. Disgusted. Disgusting.

Disgust dis⋅gust  (dis-guhst)

1. to cause loathing or nausea in.
2. to offend the good taste, moral sense, etc., of; cause extreme dislike or revulsion
3. repugnance caused by something offensive
I've seen and heard a lot of crummy things at the shelter. But I think the bar has been raised after what I heard and saw today:

(Names have been changed to protect the guilty)

Dumbshit and Shithead are two Animal Control officers for the city in which I rescue. They are also a couple in their private life. Dumbshit and Shithead are known around the shelter for taking home "pets" and bringing them back when things don't work out.

Imagine my excitement when I heard that "EmilyGrace" a sweet declawed tabby was taken home by a City Animal Control officer.
"They know the perils of these cats....they know how to treat animals, right?"


EmilyGrace was taken home by Dumbshit and Shithead. For 48 hours, she was patted, loved, and no doubt slept on their soft bed. I imagined her feet padding around on carpet and feeling the luxury and the softness.

Dumbshit and Shithead have a two year old child living in the house. Rather than allowing EmilyGrace to get used to her environment, Dumbshit and Shithead claim that "Emily Grace" doesn't like kids (what cat likes a 2 year old toddler?) and.....(this is the disgusting part)...

....brought her back to DEATH ROW at the shelter!!

Now this darling little cat is sitting in a metal cage, on a sheet of newspaper, using a litterbox half the size of a cereal box. No bed. No carpet. No love. All because they only gave this poor cat TWO DAYS (after being in the shelter 30+ days) to get used to a new environment.


When Dumbshit and Shithead left EmilyGrace on death row, they took home a 6 week old kitten to replace her.

(Oh yes, there's more...)

Not only did they take home a 6 week old kitten for their 2 year old toddler to play with (i.e. "torture") , but they took the poor thing away from it's sibling and left the sibling to die!! I showed up to the shelter right after they had taken the one kitten and the sibling was SCREAMING for it's brother. It broke my heart.

There you have it. Are you disgusted? I'm glad I don't live in the City in which these two work. I would really hate for my taxes to be paying their salary.

A Note to Dumbshit and Shithead: Stay out of my way when I come to the shelter. I'll be there to clean up the mess you left - and I don't get paid to do it.


Steve Bartlett said...

If this is my city (and I suspect it is; starts with "H" and didn't get a hockey team), then we know all about it. The whole humane society/animal control organization here is pathetic, but since the ringleader seems to be bulletproof (must have some really good blackmail material on some local politicians), nothing has ever been done about it.

K said...

I cried reading this...out of anger and frustration. These are the types of people that claim themselves "animal lovers" when really they just like "toys". That is disgusting, they'll reap what they sow.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, be brave Beth, keep doing what you're doing cause the kitties need you! Caroline

Anonymous said...

Which kitten did they take? Can you rescue the other one. No wonder I dispise some people!

Anonymous said...

Which kitten did they take? Can you rescue the other one. No wonder I dispise some people!

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that you can get EmilyGrace out of there and into a foster or permanent home.

These people are the very reason we have a need for shelters and why it has become such an epidemic. We are responsible for being so irresponsible, and yet it continues day after day with no end in sight.

If I had any say, they would never get the chance to adopt or own any animal.

I am disgusted, and hope I never run into either of the Sh-theads.

CatCarrier said...

These 2 #4!*ing "entities" are a direct reflection of everything that's wrong, immoral and just plain sickening about lack of that municipality's serious attention that needs to be paid to the plight of pets. The way they get off with taking cats home to "try them out" like toys for their little tot, then returning them, shows a gaping lack of empathy for other living beings' welfare. When I imagine the state the poor little kitties are in, well, I'd rather pull their hair out than mine so here I rant. I sincerely hope Emily Grace & the kitten find loving adoptive homes & learn to trust good people.
Beth you are a true hero to us! I know your work is heartbreaking and maddening at times, but you've helped so many & I am fostering a lovely cat who was on death row that I dearly love. One day I'd like to go out there with you & see for yself what's going on.
Cheers & keep your chin up.:)

Elizabeth said...

We call my two year old niece Almira the way she treats the animals when she comes to visit. She likes them just alittle tooo much. Good thing the cats know to hide, and the dogs love her abuse. Those people are idiots. How long do you think it will be before that kitten is back in the shelter too?

Any chance EmilyGrace and that poor kitten left behind will make it out alive?

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is Dumbshit and Shithead have reproduced, thus polluting the gene pool even further.

Anonymous said...

Is there some god-given right to take home cats from this shelter? Can't these idiots be prohibited from adopting? At least in the absence of being allowed to hit the guy in question square in the nads with a golf club, and the gal on the nape of the neck...

A few well-chosen letters to the editor, perhaps? "Animal Control Officers abuse the very animals they purport to help" (or at least abuse the SYSTEM)

Anonymous said...

If I may be so bold to say ... and as a fellow rescuer ... um ... If our two year old (and now you know that I am the male of the couple) decided to be a complete arse about any rescue that comes into this household in a city just east of Toronto, not only would the child be left at the shelter in the cat's place .... I'd be beside the child as well.
Dick punches for both of them ....

Anonymous said...

Okay, you have to tell us. What happened to the crying kitten that was left behind?

And did the dumbass pair bring back the kitten they had taken when it refused to allow itself to be tortured by the toddler without fighting back (ie. hissing and swatting)?