Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This and That....

I felt guilty all day for using so much profanity in my last post. In real life, I don't really swear that much and I know there are a few parents out there that let their children read my blogs. At this point, I'm grateful that my mother lost the URL to my blog. :)

Thankfully, I had someone come forward and offer to help Zack. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to rescue him today and am waiting to hear from the shelter as to his current health. If it's just a "shelter cold" we can fix 'im up with some meds and love. But since there had been Distemper in the shelter, I need to insure that he's not getting any worse.

There's another little guy that I'd like to see get some help. His name is "Stumpy":

He was born with his front right foot in the shape of a stump! It's much shorter than his other one, but it has one freaky little nail that sticks out. He's really sweet. Don't write the shelter and say how mean it is that the shelter named a cat with a foot deformity "Stumpy". It was my idea. :) Besides...he LOOKS like a Stumpy, don't you think?

My heart goes out to all the little brown tabbies on the shelter website. I'm really dying here as I want to take them all home. You don't often hear me say, "I want to take them all home!".. but these little tabby guys on the site seem to call out to me.

It's now mid-October, and I'm feeling some hope in the fact that kitten season should be over and things should be slowing down. It's easier to obsess over cats when you think they might have a few extra days before they're euthanized.


Anonymous said...

I personally really like Siren. I think she's adorable. :)

Everycat said...

I'd take Stumpy in a heartbeat if I wasn't thousands of miles across the pond. He's an absolute corker.

Those poor sweet and beautiful tabbies - it's the same here in rescues, everyone wants a novelty coloured cat - so many people just see a cat shape and colour, they can't seem to see the cat beneath.