Monday, October 19, 2009

Centering Myself

All I could say is, "WOW!" when I received the outpouring of comments and suggestions regarding my crappy neighbours. Some are in the comment section, and others came in through email.

My favourite?.....(Thank you, Nicole!)

David insists that we take the high road with these people no matter what. He's right of course, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take precautions to protect what's precious to us.

My daughter has been visiting from Southern California this week. Sadly, she leaves tomorrow. I guess our lives are a series of saying "hello" and "Goodbye". Dammit, I really miss her. She fell in love with our little redheaded guy "Zack" while she was here. (Who wouldn't?)

After she leaves tomorrow, it's back to rescuing. I have a nice little list of folks waiting for foster cats. I just looked at Kim's website and there isn't a shortage of cats to be rescued.

Tomorrow? Time to get back to the business of rescuing cats.


Anonymous said...

She and Zack make a very pretty couple. :)

Sharon said...

Are you kidding me?? THATS your daughter?? Sister I would have pegged for sure!! Did you have her when you were 6?? OMG!!!

AND.... LOVE the sign!!!

Rusty is wicked cute!!

Ecochica said...

Haha my pleasure Beth! As soon as I saw that pic I knew you were the one person I HAD to send it to!! So glad you are going for a rescue tomorrow!!