Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Thursday "Diversion" Update

I'm trying to distract myself from some upsetting cat rescue news from the shelter. Some of the cats that I've wanted to rescue didn't make it and I'm sitting here feeling discouraged. Sure, it's part of the rollercoaster ride of rescue, but it does make the "downward loops" feel pretty crappy.

So to put a smile on my face and hopefully yours, I'm posting some random moments of cuteness from my house:

The picture should be titled: "BEST $20.00 I'VE EVER SPENT"

I was at Home Sense the other day and found a fluffy blanket for $20.00. I laid it out on my bed and 3 cats immediately jumped up and started nursing on it. (Have I ever told you that when I die I want my ashes to be scattered around a Home Sense store?)

This picture should be titled: "How to Look Like a Badass in a Girlie Cat Bed."
Butters is one of these MAJOR macho/alpha orange cats. I thought it was pretty cute that he yawned in his little girlie cat bed and ended up looking scary. I bet he doesn't know that he looks like a complete wuss in it.

This picture should be titled: "Snack Time With Kitty Crack"

"Kitty Crack" aka: "Temptations Treats. Promptly at 9 pm, my cats start jonesin' for their snack time. I usually take this opportunity to give them all any medications too. They're so thrilled for Temptation Treats, they don't care if I shove my finger down their throat with a pill. I have a little song I sing to them while I give them their treats. I'm terrified my sons will secretly videotape me singing it and I'll end up as the Freak Du Jour on YouTube.

The next three pictures should be titled "Cuteness From the Cat Den"

I'm thrilled with the number of people that email me asking to see more pictures of the cat den! It's like when somebody says, "Hey...can I see ALL 500 pictures of your Florida Vacation?" Seriously, it's a dream come true when somebody asks to see pictures of my cat den! Yes, I'm just as happy with it as I was when I first bought it. My cats LOVE it.

So that's my Thursday update. ALL of the cats in the pictures that you see above have been rescued from the shelter from where I currently take cats. I'm feeling better now and counting my blessings - furry and otherwise.

But my heart is still with the little ones at the shelter today. I wish they could come for a romp in the cat den.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth, you do a great job! Keep up the good work, you make a world of difference to every life that you save! Temptations are more powerful than nip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth, were your cats "nursing" on the new blankie or "kneading"?? Typo? Caroline

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: They were "nursing" AND kneading....very cute!

Smartypants said...

Thanks Beth... I definitely smiled, and needed that too as I sit and wait for news on Louie...

Anonymous said...

My cats do the nursing thing too, on that very same type of blanket. I don't get it, but whatever makes them happy is fine by me!

Anonymous said...

How I wish every cat could have a den,not a shelter cage. :(
LOVE the photos, esp. scary cat in girlie bed haha! OMG, what is IN TEMPTATIONS??? One of my cats paws me awake at 5:30am DAILY for a 'hit' of these things!

K said...

Awww beth great post. The ones at the shelter are in our hearts too. Hey, what ever happened to the grouchy neighbors that smelled like trouble? They cool now? If not, you could always fling cat poop, you knwo you'd never run out of ammo :P :)

RHz said...

Sorry to hear rescue was a crappy morning. However, I LOVE, Love, Love the photos of your fur kids. I am still more than envious of your cat den, too.

And, if you would like to see a cat go crazy for regular cat food, try the new Fancy Feast dry. I don't know what the heck is in it, but I had a cat that was ill and refusing to eat. Once we got him back to eating somewhat, the Fancy Feast dry was all he would eat for a good month. Unfortunately, he had to be fed in a separate room, as the rest of my fur herd wanted to eat it for him!

Sharon said...

lol... I used to work at a vet clinic, and we called the medi cal dental(pink bag) kitty crack.