Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Inbox

I don't know if ya'll remember "Rocco". He was a HUGE big headed tom cat that I didn't think had a chance in the world of survival at the shelter. You could've knocked me over with a feather when a couple came forward and adopted him. I received an email today from Karen who adopted him. (I wish she had sent a picture!)

"...we just wanted to let her know that Rocks is still with us, and very much apart of our family. We managed to get most of his fur unmatted and he has gained weight, we take down to the beach and park on his leash(yeah he walks like a little dog) everybody loves him dearly and I just wanted to say thank you for introducing him to us...he is quite happy and very much loved. Take care, Karen"

I love when I get to rescue a cat for The H***h Family....their foster cats are spoiled rotten by the kids, and I get updates that make me glad that I do this kind of work. This week was no exception when we rescued "Tessie":

Dear Beth...The kids have fallen in love with her. Each took a turn hanging out with her in my bedroom last nite so she wouldn't be "scared" or feel "lonely". She slept with us last nite. She found a comfy spot on my pillow, and was cuddled up close the entire nite..To think about where she was 24 hours ago to being the princess she is today. I can't help but smile!"

I also rescued a few other cuties this week:

"Dexter" is one of those personality +++ orange guys. I wish he were at my house!

"Wishful" - the face pretty much says it all, don't you think?

"Comet" went directly from the shelter to a forever home. A lovely lady with her 13 year old daughter saw him online and contacted me. He's a cute 5 month old teenager that licks your face like a dog.
I went back to the shelter today and rescued a little buff guy named "Louie" too. He is one of those oooey-gooey snuggly guys that melted in my arms.

Although there's a lot of "I rescued" comments in this post, let's not forget that NONE of these rescues would be possible if volunteers didn't step up to the plate and offer their homes and hearts to these cats.
My world is a better place with you in it.


Fred said...

Rocco's brilliant. He's like a mini lion. Please post pics if you ever get any of him all cleaned up and shiny in his new home.

RHz said...

Love the happy updates, and so very glad Rocco is doing well!