Monday, October 26, 2009

Wallowing in a Happy Rescue

I was happy to go to the shelter today and rescue a VERY cute little waif named "Walker". I remember when Walker first arrived in the shelter, he had almost NO hair and so many scabs from flea bites. I always find it amazing that a cat can remain so sweet despite being in such discomfort. Hell, I can hardly keep a civil conversation when I have a zit.

Anyway, our little man is at the vets tonight being neutered and will be safely tucked away with his excited foster Mom and Dad tomorrow night.

I'm so happy that "Merlin" is in his foster home tonight too:

I had to leave him today, but his foster parents were picking him up tonight, along with "Miller":

I was so grateful that the foster parents wanted to foster two declawed cats, so I tested out Merlin and Miller together. Not a hiss out of either one of them, thank God. I hate it when the cats sabatoge their rescue by not liking other cats. When I put them back in their cages, Merlin looked at me like "What the hell? Aren't you taking me??" I kissed them both and promised them that they would be picked up tonight. There's another little guy that I found a foster home for, but wasn't able to rescue today:

It turns out as I was looking at Ziggy for a possible foster home placement today that he has a microchip and the shelter is going to see if they can contact his family. He's been at the shelter for quite some time, but somehow the fact that there's a microchip slipped through the cracks. I'm hoping that someone is looking for him. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I'm meeting a lovely young woman tomorrow about adopting these two little girls:

They must've been so scared when they first came into the shelter, because I saw them today and they're SO sweet and playful. I think the adopter will be thrilled when she meets them.

I've decided to leave it as just good news tonight. I have some frustrations that I'd love to get off my chest, but I think it's best that I wallow in some good news for a change.



Anonymous said...

Oh Walker looks like a complete doll!!! So happy to hear all the great news going on. Of course bad ALWAYS have to come with the good. (why is that?)but I am happy that your post ended on a happy note.
On the other hand I had an interesting experinence at my local Home Depot today. I noticed a very small cat with a collar running around the store today. When I inquired about it I heard that this was the "store cat" and had been living with them in the store for the last 1.5 years. I thought to myself that is awesome!! they took in a cat that was homeless. After further questions I found that this cat is pregnant! - again! WTF??? This poor very little cat approx: 2 years old is on her 3rd litter! I of course had a fit saying that this cat needs to be spayed. They told me that the THS had been there to give her shots and said she was fine and didn't need to be spayed. I don't know what I was more angry about 1. that the THS said this or 2. that out of the 100-150 employees at the Home Depot no one care enough to get her spayed. When I asked about the spaying AGAIN they said "people come and adopt the kittens so it is not a problem". I got the number for the store manager and will be arranging to take her in for a spay appointment after her last litter. Honestly, I am just at my wits end with the long line of idiots I encounter everyday!

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Oh. My. Gosh. I'm speechless!!!

Anonymous said...

For the Home Depot cat, contact the Canadian Home Office. They have the opportunity to make a great PR promo for it, and get "free" advertising from other sources, like maybe an article in the TCR newsletter, facebook, etc.

And Beth..aren't all the rescues a bunch of "waifs'. I have one that I can no longer refer to as a "petite" waif. She's just fat now!

Anonymous said...

One of my old high school friends just bought two dogs from a farmer who was selling them out of a box. They are now 6 months old. When I asked about spaying and neutering, he said he would get the girl spayed but not neuter the boy. I was infuriated and we got into a huge fight.

His excuses were insane, and I won't bore you with them. He's not a stupid guy - he's an engineer who works for RIM. How could he be so ridiculously idiotic about this?!

I'm so glad Walker got rescued! I was originally torn about taking Puggles and Cody because Walker looked like he really needed rescuing. I'm glad someone got him out.

Dori said...

Merlin & Miller are doing very well tonight. They've been out and about meeting the family, rubbing against everyone and even playing with toys. No hiding under the couch for these guys.

Also, Timbit & Gizmo are happily living in their new forever home:)

A Cat's Tale said...

I was hoping to hear that EmilyGrace and the six week old kitten had been rescued. Although I know you can't save them all.

How wonderful that you were able to make a difference for the six kitties!