Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Content on a Wednesday Night

I'm content tonight. I spent the afternoon with 3 friends drinking coffee, eating cookies and talking about cat poop. Those of you who have multiple cats know that it's nice to occasionally feel "normal" again. (Whatever that means to you!) It's wonderful to know that you won't be privately criticized for the cat hair on your clothes, or a cat sitting innocently on the kitchen counter. We exchanged "neighbour horror stories" and they oooo'd and aaahhh'd over my Cat Den.

I've been trying to put together a rescue for tomorrow. It's my understanding that things have NOT slowed down at the shelter yet. There is still an enormous number of cats coming into the shelter. What the hell is going on? It's the end of October and the shelter is still at capacity on the "vet day".

Holy Mother of God, people...take care of your responsibilities. (I suppose I'm preachin' to the choir -nobody that reads this blog needs the lecture)

I'm trying so hard to get some of the adult and young adult cats out of there. They've been in the shelter a long time and have watched the kittens get rescued while they're left behind.

The award for the "Sweetest Cat at the Shelter With the Worst Picture" goes to:

Barkley! Barkley must've been VERY frightened when he first came into the shelter. He's a big, gentle, sweetheart with the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen. He almost was adopted when I sent someone out to meet him, but they took a "flashy orange" cat instead. Barkley has been declawed and he's a doll. Maybe I'll try to get a better picture of him tomorrow.

There's another cute guy at the shelter named "Charleston":

Charleston is a "Kim Favourite". He's a polydactyl too. Like many of these freaky guys with lots of toes, one of this nails has grown into the pad of his foot. It's infected and he must be in quite a bit of pain. It'll be easy to take care of once he's rescued - the nail can be pulled out and cleaned while he's being neutered. But we need to get this sweet guy rescued first. :(

I'm going to go to bed tonight feeling good. I'll need the emotional strength if I'm going to the shelter tomorrow. It's 8 pm, and so far I've had no calls back to do the rescue.

I will not panic...I will not panic...I will not panic...


Anonymous said...


House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I saw this pair on CL, and I think they've been adopted!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Why not have Brenda advertise them on Craigslist? Kim needs to say that Barkley is declawed, it doesn't say so on the site.
Best of luck brave girl!

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: If you look at the posting on Kim's site, there's a little green paw under his name. That means he's declawed.
We're not working with Brenda any longer on these kind of postings.


Kate said...

I totally hear you on the Multiple cats and feeling "normal". Here's how my conversations with friends/aquaintances/coworkers usually go:

Person: "Oh, you have cats! I love cats! How many?"

Me: "Well, right now I have 5..."

Person: "Ohhhhhh... um... wow..."

I hate feeling like I have to justify the fact that I have more than 1 cat in my home with excuses like:
"But only 2 of them are actually mine.. the rest are fosters"


"you're only a crazy cat lady if you're single and you horde the cats!... I have a partner, and I gladly hand over my fosters to loving qualified forever homes! So there!"

I shouldn't have to make excuses in the first place, and sometimes I'm ashamed that I do.

I appreciate the times when I can surround myself with like-minded people who don't judge me on how much I love my purr Babies!

So there!