Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When to Shaddap.

When I go to the shelter, I need to start reminding myself, "I do NOT have a job there." Because I'm at the shelter so often, it's really easy to get caught up in the occasional drama as I did today and make a mess out of things.

Two VERY sweet senior ladies were dropping off 4 kittens. The ladies had taken in a pregnant feral Mom and raised these kittens in her home. She brought the kittens to the shelter with great anticipation that the shelter could find them "warm and loving homes". It was obvious she loved them dearly.

When I walked out into the lobby to meet a foster Mom, I ended up telling her that the shelter was still very full and this shelter doesn't have an adoption program. There wasn't much hope. The staff must've thought, "Beth, SHAAAADAP!"

Imagine how it feels to make two sweet, grandma-looking ladies cry. It was awful. I should've assessed the situation before I opened my big mouth. I backtracked as best as I could - asked her if she could foster them, and we could find them homes, yada yada yada....Turns out, she did all she could do for this little family and is keeping the Mom and one kitten. Bless her heart.

Of course, now I'm on a mission to get her kittens out of the shelter. They are ADORABLE - fluffy, black and white angels. You can tell they were loved.

The rescue today was great despite my pie hole. Five cats were rescued - two of them went immediately to their forever home.

For those who have been asking: Emily Grace is not doing well. She's not eating and very depressed. I held her yesterday and today. She purred in my arms. I think she's giving up. (I was going to take a picture of her today, but some one stole my camera out of my car while I was in the shelter yesterday. My own fault for not locking my car.)

Maybe I need a job.


Anonymous said...

How old are the kittens? Andy'll plotz, but if they are parasite-free and safe/old enough to go in with my horde of miniatures, I can't not offer...


House of the Discarded said...

Renee: They're 8 weeks old, obviously really loved. :)

Anonymous said...

Fack. If they won't infect my itty bitty kitties, I'll deL with Andy. He'll have to understand - I think he's going to make us keep Betty, so he understands

Anonymous said...

Who got rescued today?

And frankly, I think you did the right thing opening up your pie hole". The ladies had a right to make an informed decision.


A Cat's Tale said...

Well, maybe these sweet ladies who obviously care a lot about animals will start something moving. Tell their friends who will tell their friends... Shame they couldn't keep them for one or two more weeks while you promoted them to be adopted.
Poor EmilyGrace! I wish there were a way to get her to northern Nevada. I'd foster her and try to get her adopted. I know how upset cats get when they have been surrendered. They take it harder then most people realize.
Can you promote her on Craigslist?

Crystal said...

Beth, It was truly uncomfortable and sad yesterday! My heart was breaking for these poor ladies! They took such incredible care of these babies...They are beautiful!
I think it was okay they understood what the situation was really about. They needed to know what options were available. I seen you be kind and compassionate. When you told the lady you would keep watch over these gorgeous kittens, She believed you. At that moment you were her hope and her angel. My only wish was that we could contact this special women to let her know her cats will be safe, and all of her love and caring for them was not in vain. ('cause I know that together we can all make that happen). I am incredibley proud to be part of this organization...you have given so many beautiful cats the wings to have a safe and happy life. I know all of my fur babies "Thank You"

Lisa said...

It's probably a good thing that you got them crying...it means you really got to them...so maybe they'll advocate a bit more for homeless cat and recruit a bit more for homeless cats. It sounds harsh, I know, but the more people get upset by what I see, the more they get involved.