Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Return

After all the congratulations about Doodle's adoption on Friday, I have to disclose that he was returned 12 hours later.  It wasn't really Doodle's fault (spoken like a proud foster Mom) - he just didn't really like the resident cat - which surprised me, because "The Bug" likes everybody!!! 

What I didn't say in Friday's post, is that these people were truly perfect adopters.  The kind of adopters that I wish every cat could have.  Married couple with one cat - looking for a friend for their cat.  The first night, they wanted Doodle to feel welcome and their own cat "Darius" to not feel too put out, so the wife slept in the marital bed with Darius, and  the husband snuggled with Doodle in the guest room.  (insert "Awwwww!" here)  Love these  people!  Honestly, I think this was my first return - EVER.  I do a really good job at matchmaking my own foster cats, so was really surprised that this happened.

With every adoption that involves another resident cat in the house, I go through all the typical challenges that might come up - stalking, hissing, growling, etc.  I also tell them that there are "Deal Breakers" - major combat fighting, or pee'ing inappropriately.  Their cat was SOOOO unhappy about Doodle's presence, he pee'd on the carpet.  These people were pretty upset and I didn't want Doodle to be there where he wasn't wanted. 

Could I have suggested more time?  Sure.  But why bother?  Their cat was pee'ing on the carpet, Doodle was swiping and snarling at him.  (I've never heard Doodle hiss!!) 

At 3:30 today, a different adopter is coming to meet my little "Clementine".  Let's hope things go better for her.  I'm not as bonded with Clementine, although I love her dearly - she's been no trouble and has been the perfect little houseguest.  Why do I only bond with the really bad ones?  :)

Update on Clementine later....let's hope my heart holds up!


Anonymous said...

I read some comments on your FB page that suggested Doodle had been returned and, crazy and biased cat lady that I am, I automatically assumed it was the *people* who had been at fault... :-) It never even entered my mind that sweet, darling little Doodle coud have been the one that didn't play nice :-)My bad...(and many, many apologies to the poor people who I had already judged...It just goes to show, I shouldn't jumpt to conclusions so fast!)

Good luck with Clementine this afternoon, fingers crossed...

Cindy, B, S, O'M, and B.

House of the Discarded said...

Cindy: It was hard for me to admit that Doodle was the culprit too!!!! Who would've ever thought MY baby boy didn't play nicely?

Steve Bartlett said...

That's too bad about Doodle -- I guess he just wants to stay at your house.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh sad to hear about Doodles. My Mom is an avid animal lover !!! she had one cat and really wanted another. She lives alone and it was only her and Nicky. She went to our local spca and adopted a cat, with Nicky being only 9 months old and having the sweetest temperment, we thought for sure he would love a play mate. Nicky had NEVER hissed, growled or anything, even to the squirrels who keep him company when the insist on perching outside the patio doors.
Well, she brought home little Agnes...Nicky turned into a feral beast lol, I have never seen anything like it. He HATED her !!! it was crazy, needless to say how bad everyone felt. Thankfully little Agnes ended up at her neighbours as she could NOT bring herself to take her back to the spca. So there she is at the neighbours next door (a wonderful senior home).
I guess it does happen :(

Sparkle said...

Honestly, it sounds to me like maybe Darius doesn't really want a friend other than his humans and that Doodle was probably reacting to that. My human's cat before me preferred being an only cat, and while she co-habitated (rather grouchily) with other cats at the beginning and end of her life, her happiest years were when it was just her and my human.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

This is why it's nice to foster kittens and then return them to the shelter for them to adopt out. Less heartbreak that way. Altho I do tend to blame the people when one of my fosters comes back...even tho the shelter works with the adopters for a long time before taking back an adopted pet.

andrea said...

it happens ;) (really - after 16 years it does happen - luckily not often though- thought oddly enough it happened today to me with a dog) glad all is ok

and Doodle is home where he belongs

Caroline said...

Yes, pee on the carpet is a major deal breaker and I think the other readers are right, Doodle just wants to stay at Beth's and Darius wants to remain an only child!