Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Chaos and Dog Poop

I wanted to name this blogpost "Chaos" because that's the way it felt this morning. I went to bed last night with a computer virus that wiped out my entire hard disk and woke up to copious amounts of dog poop in the basement. I neglected to put the coffee pot in the holder, so coffee poured over my kitchen counters while I was cleaning the dog poop.

I was almost afraid to get in the car this morning! What could happen next?

Today was a euthanasia day at the shelter, so many of my favourites were gone by the time I arrived. In fact, I had planned on rescuing a little tabby by the name of Ginny, but she too was gone. The empty, dirty cages were a reminder that my day wasn't so bad afterall.

I ended up rescuing a cute little calico by the name of "Allie". I pulled her out of her cage and she licked my face like a little dog.

I melted.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day! I'm meeting an adopter AND a new foster parent to save several fortunate cats from Friday's vet day. I'm also giving a tour of the shelter for a VERY brave Brandon (you read about Brandon yesterday) and his girlfriend Alyssa. They have never been to the shelter and wanted to see for themselves. Personally, I think anybody that volunteers for a rescue should take a tour of the shelter. It really adds credence to the hardwork and dedication that it takes to be an animal rescuer. Of course, not everybody agrees with me. :)

I'm typing this blogpost on "the world's oldest computer". It's not my computer and I'm missing the familiar touch of the keyboard, pictures, and important applications. My own computer is being repaired at some Computer Guru's place of business. Hail to the Computer Guru! I hate to admit that I threw myself against the Guru's counter begging him to repair it quickly. I was certain the world's cat population would be euthanized if I couldn't have my computer back in a timely manner.

Hopefully, my computer will be repaired tomorrow and I might have a few pictures to post here. Until then, the blog is a bit...um...vanilla.


Devon said...

My heart breaks everyday you write about euthanasia day. I want to cry just thinking of all the cats who we never heard about or even stood a chance.

House of the Discarded said...

Devon: I know. I feel the same way. When are you going to start fostering? :) :)

Debbie said...

I have been there a few times.
It is a very sad place.
I have gone on the dog side to do a few rescues, it is as cramped and loud and sad.
My hat goes off to you and whom ever goes there to do the rescues.
You make it happen :)

Lory said...

Still sad about Ginny...but am hopeful about fostering the others still there.

Devon said...

Looking to sign a lease for my own place Feb 1. The boyfriend will be suckered in shortly there after. I would be fostering already but I live in a house full of foster dogs!