Monday, January 31, 2011

Newsy Monday

The "Rollercoaster Ride of Rescue" has certainly lived up to it's name this weekend!  My little Doodle was adopted and returned, and my Clementine was adopted into a wonderful home yesterday!  The couple was really lovely and Clementine seemed quite happy to go with them.  I've always thought that because Clementine was extra sweet, she was often overlooked by the rest of the family because the rowdy ones took so much attention. 

It didn't take long for the first post-adoption picture to arrive - Clementine seems quite happy to be modeling for Moosehead beer:  (LOL)

She sure looks happy, doesn't she?  I think this picture was only taken a few hours after her arrival.

My other little guy "Winkle" is settling in beautifully in his new foster home too:

When we rescue cats, we often don't know how they'll react to a dog  - but I think Winkle and Parker are becoming friends...don't you think?

So today marks the last day of my first month in "business" as Forever Home Cat Rescue.  We officially have 22 foster homes, and have had 22 adoptions in January!  (Weird, eh?)  Not all the adoptions collected an adoption fee.  There were 6 adoptions that were direct from the shelter.  I don't ask for an adoption fee for adoptions that never came into our program. 

I had to laugh, because I did a mini-Profit and Loss statement on the rescue and discovered that this month's vet bills were within $20.00 of the adoption fees.  Thank heavens for the donations that came in or I'd be in a jam, since some of the vets haven't billed me yet.  

The weekend was painfully slow and I have no idea why.  I wonder if the other rescues were slow?  Today we've had a few adoption calls and two foster applications pending, so maybe the week will be better.  With a small rescue, there never seems to be any consistency from day to day.  I seem to be getting into a routine with things and God knows I love routine. 

We have a Facebook page up and running too!  When you find us, please "Like" us!  (Thank you Brandon for managing the page)  :) 

It felt weird not being at the shelter today.  I have available foster space, but the right "fit" for these homes hasn't come in yet.  I hate not rescuing on Monday.  I've felt "off" all day today because of it.  Again, maybe the Monday rescues are too much part of my routine? Bah!!...enough of my post-menopausal whining.

Cheers to a January that exceeded my expectations.  Thank you all for helping me making it happen!!! 


Allison at Novice Life said...

Those are great accomplishments for your first month! Way to go!!

Kea said...

An excellent first month, yes, congratulations definitely are in order!

And hurrah for Clementine! May she live a long and happy life in her forever home. :-)

Lory and the Woodbridge Crew said...

YAY for all the cats that found forever homes! What a great first month! Here's to many more rescues and adoptions in the months to follow!

We are happy and proud to be a part of this wonderful rescue and hope to help many more fosters find their forever home.

Yidchick said...

I'm an adoption coordinator for a rescue on sundays and it was extremely slow yesterday, maybe 3 calls and 4 emails...

Yidchick said...

I'm a volunteer adoption coordinator on sundays for a rescue..yesterday was extremely slow.. I am glad you had a good month!! :)

House of the Discarded said...

Yidchick: Ahhhh....thanks for saying that. I was feeling a bit insecure. :)

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me, Beth :-) That is a truly, truly fantastic month for a rescue that is just starting out. Undoubtedly the cats are adorable and cute but I am sure a lot of the success is down to you as a person. Just by being you, you make people want to go the extra mile :-) (or the extra cat...)

I'm delighted for Clementine as well, she seems to have slotted in just so :-) Congrats again on an awesome month!

Cindy, B, S, O'M and B.

Brandon said...

Click here to check out the facebook page.

Debbie said...

Winkle and Parker look sooo cute!!
Glad Clementine is settling in very well
I know Stanley's turn will come too!!I think you had a excellent first month.I think if you do that well every month you are doing very well in the rescue world.