Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day of Little Miracles

When you're involved with animal rescue, it's easy to become so tangled within it,  that the unexpected rescues, unexpected adoptions, and a car accident that didn't amount to anything seem like nothing more than pure luck.  But if you look closely, you realize it's not just coincidence, but that you've witnessed one (or more) of life's little miracles. 

This morning, I received a phone call from a lovely woman in Guelph who came forward to adopt the 16 year old calico sisters that were so callously abandoned at the Humane Society.  I'm in awe of people's generosity.  I didn't get the end result of this phone call, but I DO know that these little old ladies are safe tonight.

Today, I went to the shelter to rescue "Harley" only to receive a phone call from Debbie at Forgotten Ones Rescue who asked me to pick up the pair of TWELVE YEAR OLD calico sisters for her rescue: my surprise, she asked about "Harley"!  Funny thing, I had already put Harley into a carrier and was going to rescue her myself. 

But allowing another rescue to take her meant that I could rescue ANOTHER cat...or two... :)  So I drove the three calicos to Toronto to meet up with Debbie.  Her car was filled with her own calico-lovefest! 

I ended up rescuing two darling cats for one foster home.  (Pictures to come later.)

On my way to the vets with 5 cats in the car I was rear-ended by an elderly man in a '72 Cadillac.  The front of his car was mildly mangled.  I held my breath as I walked around the back of my car to look.  To my surprise, there was NO damage.  I was so grateful.  What could've happened is frightening.

It was truly a day of little miracles, so I'm going to ask for one more.  It's about "Newton".  Please watch the video below - Newton needs a miracle - now.

Just one more miracle....a little one...please?


Lory said...

Hurray for both calico sisters! And of course for Harley :) Looking forward to meeting our two new darling foster cats tomorrow!

TK and Squashies said...

We are so glad your accident was minor and that the kitties you got to rescue came home with you.
We purrs that Newton gets a furrever home very very soon!

Caroline said...

I don't have ear phones so I didn't hear the vocals in Newton's vid but visually he looks like a charmer! I hope someone with a little extra room is able to foster him.

Brandon said...

Is Newton the guy I got to play with in the dog area?

Kea said...

Hurrah for a day of small miracles, Beth. And I'm so glad you and your car were not damaged.

Purrs and Light for Newton, for his own miracle.

House of the Discarded said...

Brandon: That's the guy. :(

Brandon said...

For any one that reads the blog. He really is a sweet heart. If you can give him a home please please please do.

Lisa said...

Once he's neutered, he might even better with other cats. I rescued a cat very similar to Newton who was destroying my door and floor trying to get out and attacked my other cat, but once I got him neutered and the hormones subsided, he settled.
What a sweetie! He's just the type of cat I love. I'll put out the word so hopefully we can get another miracle.