Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Newsy Stuff

It was a smaller rescue day than I thought it would be.  It seems to make more sense for me to make smaller rescue trips than trying to take out 10 cats and organize foster parents.  Simplify! Simplify!

One of our foster Moms went to the shelter over the weekend and had some tough choices but took home "Angelo".  (I laughed out loud when I heard that she's thinking about renaming him "Big Tony"!  LOVED IT!)
Two of our foster Moms also went to the shelter and rescued a very petite calico named "Cozette":

They came home talking about another very handsome guy named "Swiggles", so I went back to the shelter today and rescued him:
He's such a lovely boy!  Where has he been all this time??  I hated that I overlooked this guy for the past few weeks. 

I also rescued "Leonard":
Leonard had a feral look about him in the picture, so I was hesitant to rescue him without assessing him first....silly me...I'll let you be the judge:

How CUTE is this guy?????? I'm in love. :)

As I type this blog post, I had some very sad news about the death of one of my cat adoptions direct from the shelter.  "Dexter" was very loved and we still don't really know what happened.  It sounds like it was complications from a simple Upper Respiratory Infection.  My heart hurt for his new Mommy.  She fought hard for him, and I'm so grateful to her. 

Hearing about this death makes me realize how fragile everything is as I rescue so often.  I'm frightened and pray for the cats in my care and foster parents who love them. 

We had 3 adoptions over the weekend, which I found SO exciting for my little rescue.  In fact, one of them was a 20+ pound girl named Misty!  I thought we might have her for a while.  You never know who somebody will fall in love with, eh? much to say, and so much more than anybody wants to read!  Happy Monday, all....


Devon said...

He doesn't seem feral at all! I'm sure he'll have a nice home in no time!

House of the Discarded said...

Devon: Nah...he's a little lovemuffin! Just goes to show you can always trust a picture!

royalcoonhounds said...

He is so cute! Someone will snatch him up quick. He was having so much fun.

Linda said...

Thats great news about the rescues and adoptions.Here is hoping that Jazz and Shelley , the tubby tabby girls, find a foster too.

Caroline said...

Oh Leonard is soooo cute! What is name of the toy he is playing with, I'm always looking for great cat toys.

Allison at Novice Life said...


Laurie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Dexter... I'm just dealing with losing a foster kitty and its really hard, my heart goes out to his foster mom.

Leonard reminds me so much of my little black kittens :) I want to snatch him up!

Anonymous said...

FYI our group has rescued Jazz

Linda said...

Thats great about Jazz!!