Monday, August 09, 2010

What's a "Moderate Rescue"?

It was supposed to be a moderate rescue today. "Moderate" is an operative word I thought of when I realized I had NO clue exactly how many I would rescue today until I actually got to the shelter. So much of whom I rescue has to do with illness at the shelter and specific cats requested.

It was VERY exciting when I did the math, that we rescued 13 cats in total today! Some of the cats rescued were not on the website yet, but here are some of the sweethearts that are now safe and sound. Hope I picked some of your favourites:

I was chuckling to myself as I thought about all the in's and out's of rescuing 13 cats. My friend and fellow rescuer Kathleen was with me today for help and support, or I think I would've pulled my hair out. It would be a miracle if all that was involved was to throw 13 cats into carriers and leave. It never turns out that way, and y'all would think I was nuts if I actually listed what's involved.

My day isn't over yet. I still have to drive into the city tonight to take a very cute grey tabby to his new Mommy tonight. We had a bit of a surprise to find out HE is actually a SHE.

Ah, yet another little kink in my "moderate rescue" - C'est la vie!


Kea said...

Lucky 13! That's fabulous! My goodness, that second to final photo--such HUGE eyes s/he has! LOL.

Well done to you and Kathleen (and to all the foster moms)!

kristen said...

Great work!!!!!

#3 - "sup? You the rescue lady?" You must have loved him/her Beth!!! hahahaha

House of the Discarded said...

Kristen: LOLOL! It's scary that you would know that about me. YES...I love love love him! Look at the attitude on his face!

nicole said...

Awesome day Beth!! After all the depressing news lately this has lifted my spirits especially to see two black cats and most of the rescues being adults!!

Cat said...

13 little souls Beth, that is mighty fine work!

13 happy cats sleep in safe, cozy beds tonight, how wonderful is that :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth....sooo glad you got Litta out of there!! He is a sweetheart!


Caroline said...

Cage 1: "Did I blink? Again?"
Cage 2: "Oh... what is that over there?"
Cage 3:"About time you got here!"
Cage 4: "Cheese!"
Cage 5: "We are not amused!"
Cage 6: Some sort of eye condition, not sure what...
Cage 7: Zzzzzzzzzzz.
Reminds me of school pictures! lol

Ian said...

Congratulations, Beth! That's so impressive.

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: You're totally right!!