Friday, August 27, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell


'Now I lay me down to rest,'
I Pray my soul can stand this test.
''Of watching animals lose a home,
]''While owners complain, cry & moan.'
'I long for strenth of spirit and..'
'I Pray they find a Home Again,
''Where they will know a loving heart,
''I can't do much, but that's a start.

''Please keep me sane while dealing with:
''The women who bought this 'gift',
'A wriggling tiny 'ball of fluff''
That now is playing much to rough.
'"Remind me I should 'bite my lip''
When confronted with: "he grew too quick"
"I didn't know he'd get so large"
"He seems to think that he's "in charge"

'Protect my heart when I hear them say:'
"I think we'll breed our cat one day."
'Sometimes I think it'll 'break in two"
'Each day bring 'trials' harsh & new..''
And if I die before I wake,'
'I pray one hopeless soul you'll take.
''My tears are gone, my faith is bare..
''So Please Hear My Rescue Prayer.'

- Author Unknown -


Alison said...

Don't let the B#$%@# (originally used to denote children born out of wedlock) get you down.

You are at the forefront of social change. You are working toward a world where only licensed and regulated people breed cats and dogs, and our license fees go toward enforcing spay and neuter laws on all pet in every city so that the number of unwanted cats will be nil and any cats requiring rehousing will have a long line of people clammering to give them homes. Ít's toughest on you as you are on the pointy edge of the wedge but there are a lot of us right behind you.
Keep leading the way - nothing changes without leaders!

Kea said...

All I can think, Beth, is that your life has *meaning*. You have given your presence here in this life MEANING. How many of us can say that, really? The people who spend their free time bar-hopping and screwing around? Those who spend their lives accumulating material goods, especially at the cost of others' well-being? People who spend their lives in cyber-space, doing nothing productive?

Beth, too many of us are here on this planet, using up resources and really not giving anything back. You are not such a person. What you do is so important--beyond words. I can't express to you how in awe I am of you, how amazing you seem to me, how I admire your strength of spirit to carry on in the face of daily anguish.

Lots of hugs and Light to you, for whatever your Self needs today.

House of the Discarded said...

Alison and Kea: Thank you both so much! What a great way to end my week :)


Crystal said...

Beth I can't stop laughing at your segment chart...that was me today when I left my purse at the kennel.
Hope things are starting to look up in your world; at home and in really does take a brave heart to constantly look into the eyes of these helpless souls knowing you may never be able to help them. you are truly amazing to do what you do day in and day out...Keep smilin:)

Mishkat said...

Beth, I can't be as eloquent as the people above, but I echo all their comments. I respect and admire you so much for everything you do to help cats - as Kim said, I'm in awe of your courage and emotional resilience.

That said, please take care of yourself too, especially when things seem overwhelming. (The cats say it's furry impawtant :)!)

XXX and purrs from Katie and the cats

Linda said...

Just wanted to let you know that you were the reason I started to foster cats for my local Ospca.Just by your blog and your courage , you are saving cats and kittens you have never met.Thank you for enriching my life.

House of the Discarded said...

Linda: You just made my whole night! Thank you for making it worthwhile for me to get out of bed tomorrow :) :)