Thursday, August 26, 2010


I think the stress of the week has finally caught up with me. I woke up with a headache, chills, and lethargy - nothing that some Advil won't cure! There was way too much to do to be in bed watching The Price is Right....although, now that I type that, it doesn't sound like such a bad plan! :)

Yesterday, a fellow rescuer Crystal went back out to the hell hole shelter and rescued a little black 6 month old kitten. Through no fault of the shelter, his collar had grown into his neck so badly that his neck had been bleeding. She also mentioned another black cat that had just come into the shelter and sent the following email:

"I went out to today and brought him my precious black kitten...a beautiful 6 month old charmer. I am in love:) He purrs and cuddles and is having so much fun romping around with the rest of my brood. Today was quite disturbing at the kennell, (the staff member) brought me the kitten and he was completely covered in urine "gross". I just felt sad and held him even closer. He hung on to my neck so tight...heartbreaking. We have named our new boy "Liam".

While out at the kennell, (the staff member) introduced me to another black cat, I honestly don't know how old he was but he was neutered and seemed quite frisky. When opened his crate he rolled over on his back for a belly rub...this guy has a sad story that (the staff member)asked me to share. This guy was reported lost last summer by his family. He was neutered and tattooed. Somehow he survived the cold winter, wild animals and cars. He was found this week and his family was given the happy news; only they don't want him any more so there he sits in his own urine...Absolutely unbelievable to me."

Nothing really surprises me anymore about people's behaviour. But can you imagine not wanting him after a year being gone?? Assholes Idiots. I asked Crystal to send me some pictures of his rescue for tomorrow night's blog post. I really miss going to the shelter to rescue as often as I have been, but this particular shelter is so far away!

The good news is, we ARE rescuing the black cat mentioned in the email tomorrow. I'm calling him "Survivorman". I can't think of a better name for that guy. :)

In the meantime, I've been lost in "Cats to Move" list, and have also volunteered to be the rescue's official "Post-Adoption Complaint Department." Both have kept me so busy and buried behind the computer and my telephone. There have been so many cats that need to be moved into new foster homes (for one reason or another), it's prevented me from rescuing others. *sigh* I miss getting my hands into the meat of rescue, but what I'm doing is equally important and helps keep the rescue running.

Right now, "Survivorman" and I have something in common. We both are surviving - at least I'm not sitting in my own urine tonight. But then again, anything can happen. :)


Kea said...

Bless you both (I mean that in the universal, spiritual sense, btw). I'm so glad Liam has been rescued and that "Survivorman" will be getting out tomorrow. You were right the first time: a$$holes (his former humans). My goddess, I hope there's cosmic retribution for people like that, I truly do.

I hope you feel better now, Beth.

Caroline said...

Thank god you are rescuing "Survivor Man" tomorrow, he so deserves it, they all deserve it.
Please check out the cat cages below, maybe we could all chip in to buy a few for Hell Hole 2?

I hope your son is recovering well, he may want to try some massage therapy for his neck and back, it worked wonders for me.

Anonymous said...

While I fully support getting these kitties out of this horrific animal control center, I wonder if there is a way for some of us to donate to the animal control center so it could purchase some better kennels for the cats. Rescues will never be able to save all the kitties that arrive there and I hate to think of the kitties rolling in their own urine. Perhaps with nicer kennels that are easier to clean, the one staff person would have more time to provide the cats food and water daily. Thoughts?

havetailwillwag said...

so sad for survivor kitty... but i have faith that you will find him a permanent home with people that will love and care for him his entire life. you'd have to be made of stone not to be touched by his story. a cat lover will adopt him.

Lisa said...

Poor Survivorman!
Shouldn't that be against the law...that someone gives up their cat simple because they don't want him?
I struggle as it is when people give up their cats because of allergies (I'm seriously allergic and I have 2 cats), but upfront abandonment is shameful!
Thank you for rescueing this guy. Maybe you could name him "Chance" since he'll now have a 2nd chance at a good life.

CanuckPet said...

Lisa, it should be but most of the time I go with, at least they gave them up and didn't abuse them or just throw them out on the streets.

Anonymous said...


the fact we have to reason with our brains to tolerate people's idiocies so we can function day to day...not gunna lie people disappoint me and I hate having to reason at all with my brain but I hear ya. Morally, initiative, responsibility wise- people as a general rule need to step up to the plate. Thank goodness for people like Beth who rescue and deal with the messes others leave behind.

I know everyone on here agrees, and we all love what Beth does. Fact is, she shouldn't have to be doing this as much as she loves it. Would be a perfect world if there were no kitties to rescue from death roe and only wonderful kittens to admire in the petstore who get to their forever home there and are loved and never abandoned...*sighs* if only...

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Yeah..."if only..."

Julia.Davidovich said...

I still find it hard to believe how completely detached some people can be to a creature.. DISTRAUGHT creature no less.

If their child were to go missing and returned I doubt they would have the same response -or not..?

Nah, you said it: assholes.