Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Ian" and Alison

Last weekend, I was contacted by a very kind woman named Alison about rescuing a little grey tabby named "Ian" who was to be euthanized on Monday morning at the shelter:

I drove all the way out to the shelter on Sunday afternoon to take Ian off the euthanasia list and happily picked him up on Monday morning.

When I picked up Ian, I was immediately taken back by the lack"hangy-downys". Ian was a GIRL. I really panicked, because this can often be a deal breaker for an adopter. Alison really had wanted a male cat and was already adopting Ian on my say-so.

I called Alison from the shelter. She graciously agreed to give little girl Ian a home. I cried with relief!

But the story doesn't end here....

My wonderful vet called me the next day to tell me Ian was pregnant. I was astounded! How could that be? The vet tech at the shelter examined her and didn't feel kittens! The vet was very confident that there were 4 kittens and it was too late to spay her.

Once again, I made "the call" to Alison. Understandably, Alison was overwhelmed with the thought of having a pregnant Mom in the house. She's a single parent with other pets and a full time job. She just wanted to save a little MALE cat from the shelter. There was a pause in the conversation and I could hear her now in tears..."I don't believe in coincidences - we want her. Beth, would you help me?"

Needless to say, Alison is my hero tonight and Ian has a new FOREVER home. She spent the afternoon in my washroom and I wanted to show the world what a beautiful little girl has the start of a new life today:


Kea said...

"Ian" is just a sweetheart. What gorgeous eyes she has!

So what will happen with the kittens? Will Alision take "Ian" while she is pregnant, or will someone foster her until she's weaned her babies? Just curious.

I'm so glad Alison wanted her regardless!

Brian said...

That is a wonderful story, I needed that!

House of the Discarded said...

Kea: I should've mentioned that: Alison is adopting "Ian", and fostering Ian's kittens. Our rescue will find WONDERFUL homes for them :) :)

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Let's hear it fur Alison



Kristen said...

OMG that cat is gorgeous what a lucky girl to have her!!!

I just found out my bunny whom I was told was a male turned out to be a female..... and has cancer in her uterus. She's scheduled for hopefully life-saving surgery soon. There are a lot of risks, not to mention a good dent in my savings for my wedding, but I don't believe in coincidences either!!! I was supposed to get her because some force in this universe brought her to the right hands. I think Alison's story is the same!!! The universe brought her to Alison's hands because they were the best for her!!

Beth, please let me know if there is anywhere I can help make a donation for "Ian" (pending a new name!) and her future kittens to help. It wont be big, but this story absolutely warmed my heart. I hope Alison reads this blog :). What an awesome chick!

House of the Discarded said...

Kristen: YES, Alison is an "awesome chick"!! Fortunately, she started reading the blog over the past few days. :) If you'd like to email me Kristen, I'd be THRILLED to tell you where to make a donation for "Ian" and her future babies. You're so kind. Thank you thank you!


nicole said...

What an angel Alison is! I hope karma is good to her!!

Smartypants said...

Ian is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you put up photos of her babies when she has them, too. Yaay for Alison!

Caroline said...

That's great that Ian (Ivanna?) has a home, Valerie (still up for adoption) didn't look preggers either when I got her. She had 5 babies a month later. All found homes.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We say that a lot in our home "it must have happened for a reason". Like Zippy shifting my car into neutral and hitting the garage door frame revealing carpenter ants had all but destroyed the front of the garage...her daddy told her she was a good kitty. Karma is going to be extra good to Alison!

DianaLee said...

Very sweet story! I have learned from personal experience that sometimes when you connect with a cat through their photo, there's not much you can do about it =). I'm sure you remember our current foster Wylie who we took in for that reason. Well, he's still a bit too rowdy for our house, but he is also a big goofy snugglebug. He's also been super-affectionate lately; I wonder if he knows we saved him from death row, and is trying to say thank you? Totally worth it!

Also, I think Viola (from Twelfth Night) would be a good name for the boy who turned out to be a girl.

ML said...

I love Ian's story, wow.
Alison must be a really wonderful lady. What a huge heart she has.

I think the kitties know, some of them, what we saved them from.
And I think they also know what they save us from as well.
Love & Purrs,