Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Thursday Update

I neglected to post about a very nice little rescue yesterday from the larger high volume shelter. My involvement was minimal, as Kathleen did the rescue herself. However, I've been spending a good portion of the day making sure these guys landed in their proper foster homes. My gas tank and my body are spent!
We were told that "Mush" (above) would be euthanized this morning because he was sneezing. Poor little man.

"Luca" went to a really neat foster home this afternoon. I met Alexise at a Toys R Us parking lot. She was driving a mini-van with two perfect little girls in car seats. It was like looking at myself 20 years ago! She even had the long blond hair! (insert Twilight Zone theme here)

"Frank" had been at the shelter the longest. It was really wonderful to finally rescue him. I had posted about him a long time ago and his time had finally come to be rescued. The staff at the veterinary hospital (where he was neutered today) LOVED him. He's going to be fostered by Alison. (Click on the "Alison" link to read that story - it was a doozy!)

I received a voicemail today on my cell phone from somebody who said they needed to "get rid of their cat in the next 2 hours." Seriously? I'm not sure which astounded me more - the fact that somebody NEEDED to dump their cat in 2 hours, or that somebody I know gave out my cell number without my permission. Regardless, this person received a call back referring them to the rescue phone line. I don't want to get involved with this sort of thing - it ends up running your life. I've seen too many other rescuers get caught up in a constant barrage of evening phone calls from strangers.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to go back to the "scary shelter". Honestly, that shelter really wrecks havoc on my soul. It took me several days to recover last time I was there and I'm just now feeling slightly normal. I hated the world for 2 days, and felt like somebody who had witnessed a horrific crime. I don't think there's anything that could've prepared me for what I saw.

This time - I'm bringing my camera...


Anonymous said...

Great rescue! Did I understand it correctly that Alison has not only taken in a pregnant cat (and will foster the kittens) but will now also foster an adult male? If that's the case, is there *nothing* this woman can't do! :D

I am appalled on your behalf by that person ringing you about their cat. Have people no shame!?!?

Also, I wish you much strength when you go back to taht hell hole..

Kea said...

I just love "Mush's" eyes! Hurrah for the great rescue; I'm so glad they have been saved.

Much universal Light for tomorrow's return to the shelter.

CanuckPet said...

So Alison has a pregnant 'male' and a new foster? Thats excellent!

Did Mush have a microchip? I can't help but wonder if he is a Mush I seen adopted out last year.

Good luck tomorrow, I remember feeling like that the first time I went to the high volume shelter but that place really does look horrible, at least they have cages and litter at the high volume

CatCarrier said...

Poor Mush. We all know how treatable sneezing is. Too bad the lil guy didn't have a chance.

I wonder if you or someone could get the name of the mayor of Woodstock to inform him/her of the plight of these animals. Then we can all deluge their office with petitions and pleas to improve conditions at the "hell hole" and turn it into a proper facility.

Kudos to you and all the volunteers who were involved in the rescues, and to the foster parents and adopters who open their homes with such caring. their homes.

If I lived around Woodstock I'd volunteer there and make sure the cats were clean & fed. Alas, I don't. But we can make a lot of noise together if we contact the powers that be.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I'm working on this today. I don't think there will be much anonymous about this particular shelter when I'm done.

Caroline said...

Hey Beth

great job getting the cats out of shelter number 1 Luca, Mush and Frank. It wasn't totally clear that Mush got out but I think he did, right?

Media is what it's all about. Bad publicity could be good in the end.

Good luck on your run to hell hole 2 today.