Monday, August 30, 2010

The Perfect Storm

I'm not sure how it happened, but I've found myself to be doing less actual rescuing lately and more administrative work within the rescue.
To say, "I don't know how it happened", isn't exactly truthful. It takes a perfect storm and that's where I'm at today.

Storm #1 - Distemper at the high volume shelter. I can't rescue unvaccinated cats and kittens if there is an outbreak of Distemper there. It hurts my heart, but I have to do what's best for the foster homes, their cats and the rescue.

Storm #2 - Large number of returned cats. I don't know why folks think a rescue is like Sears and you can return a cat like you do a shirt that doesn't fit. I spoke with a man last night that wanted to return his two kittens because they had poop on their butts and didn't wash themselves. Seriously.

Returned cats take the place of cats that could've been rescued.

Storm #3 - "The Move List" - (Foster parents can't foster any longer). Let me say this first: If you're a foster parent - I appreciate you! Some foster parents need to move cats for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're fostering while you're in school, or have a few months to spare and want to help. Maybe you've had an emergency. Regardless, it's just one of those things, and this comment isn't here to make you feel badly. It's part of rescue. :)

You put all three of these storms together, and it's left me with not being able to rescue. I have to look away as cats are dying in the shelters. I'm not complaining about doing the administrative stuff. It's what keeps the rescue running - just like the volunteer drivers - it's not glamorous, but it's very very important to keep things running smoothly.

So for now...this is my life in rescue. I will rescue as often as I can, but I need AVAILABLE foster homes in order to do so. Please pass the word along.

I received the following picture from Crystal who picked up Survivorman for me the other day. It's a picture of Survivorman as they drove away from the shelter...I laughed out loud...

Is that his middle finger sticking up as they drove away? I sure hope so. :)


Christine Gittings said...

What a great photo! I bet Survivorman is giving them a paw full of fingers. I can only imagine the thoughts going through his head as he leaves that horrid place behind.

I wish everyone I knew would foster or at least adopt one of my foster kids so we could take in more.

BTW Cider says hello and sends thanks to you everyday for rescuing her. We realized on the weekend that she's been with us for a year now. We all love her like crazy.

Hang in there Beth, I'm sure it seems hopeless and very frustrating at times, but what you do is an incredibly amazing thing.

House of the Discarded said...

Thank you Christine! Hard to believe it's been a year since you've rescued Cider....(I love that name!)


Cat said...

Yay for Survivorman! So happy he is leaving that place :-)

Sparkle said...

It must be frustrating, but all that administrative stuff is necessary to keep the rescuing part in order.

Paws up for Survivorman! I would tell you what he is saying to the shelter as he is leaving (hint: it's in his ear position), but I probably shouldn't say four-letter words on a family blog.

House of the Discarded said...

Sparkle: I wish I could say this was a "family blog", but since this is a blog about my life in cat rescue, I gave up censoring it long ago. :) :)


Caroline said...

You can't save everyone so don't get upset over the unvaccinated cats instead concentrate on the vaccinated ones from Hell Hole 1 and 2.