Monday, August 23, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

I'm such a sap. I get goosebumps during the national anthem and cry when a stranger has her baby during "A Baby Story." But I almost always get choked up when I read or hear about the kind acts from strangers.

Most recently, I've really been touched by the outpouring of love and support regarding the pair of cats that I posted about on Friday. First, I noticed my friends on Facebook posting the video and asking for help. Then their posts contained the word "Shared"..."Shared"...."shared" they also shared their story.

I was contacted by two rescue organizations - both in the states that have offered to help the seniors. I love thinking about two other women on either sides of the country who are just like me - loving and working to save the animals. Until Friday, they were strangers to me. I still haven't spoken with either one on the phone, but their emails and voicemails sound just like me!

I'm over-the-moon happy to report that my pair of seniors have been rescued today. Many, many thank you's to Crystal and her daughter who delayed their mother/daughter day to pick up this pair for me. I only wish I had pictures of the rescue.

Crystal told me that she put their carriers facing each other, and they put their little paws out, so they were touching. They vet assistant told me this afternoon that they are literally snuggled together so close, that just about everybody part was touching. They love each other and I'm so happy that they will remain together forever.

Now the hard part comes on WHERE they will go. Normally, I spend my day doing rescue, but today was different. At about 8:30 pm I received a phone call from my youngest son who was in a terrible car accident last night. After seeing the wreckage, I don't know how he survived. But he not only survived, but walked away from the scene with some bruises and soreness:

I've spent my day today dealing with the literal wreckage from the accident and with an eerie feeling in my stomach. It must be a mother-thing. I hate that I'm so vulnerable to losing somebody that I love so much. I'm so grateful to the kindness of strangers that helped my son at the scene before I could get there.

Some people have asked me, "What can I do to help the senior pair?" I think we're going to need donations. (Lordie, I hate asking for money.) If the pair ends up in Tennessee (a Seniors for seniors program), I may need gas cards to help with transport. Or California, we'll need a Pet Airways transport. (I won't put them in cargo!)

I wish I had a spot for them within our own rescue, but I don't. We have a "To Move" list a mile long as we have foster parents who have cats that need to be moved into a new foster home for one reason or another.

Tomorrow is a new day and I need to take a deep breath and sort this out. I can't leave my little seniors at the vets forever. I'll need to make some more contacts and do some planning. I need to focus.

(In addition: If you'd like to donate, you can go through the Toronto Cat Rescue "Canada Helps" - it's a button on their home page: . In the subject line, would you please put: "For Beth Turner's rescue efforts in Woodstock". That way we'll be able to keep track of the money received. Thank you all so very very much!)


Sparkle said...

I'm SO relieved to find out that the two seniors were rescued! I felt so bad for them. Paws crossed on finding them a permanent home asap!

Can you get photos of them soon and post? Once you do, I can feed them into my network on FB to see if anyone out there might adopt them, or at least spread the word re funding.

That is amazing that your son was able to walk away from that wreck! I'm sure it is going to be a while before your nerves settle down after that.

Kea said...

Holy crap! My god, your son had an "angel" on his shoulder, Beth. A very, very lucky young man. I'm so glad he's OKAY!!!! (((Hugs))) to you!!!!

Hurrah for the seniors! I had made a small donation via, but didn't specify anything, just general, so not sure where the money goes.

I understand about being moved by the kindness of strangers; recently people in the CB have been very kind to me and it most certainly did move me to tears, many times. It doesn't say much for our species that while we expect nastiness and greediness, kindness surprises us, takes us aback and leaves us floundering for words.

(((Hugs))) and kitty kisses and universal Light to all. I'm all teary-eyed just reading your post!

House of the Discarded said...

Thank you, Kea and Sparkle! You're absolutely right - it's going to be a while before my nerves settle down.

Kea: Thank you so very much for the donation! Did you write on the subject line for "Beth's Senior cats"? I'm on the Canada Helps Distribution list, so I'll look for the donation and know it's from you if you didn't write anything on the subject line.

Sparkle: I'm going to take pictures of them TOMORROW! I'll post them here.

Thank you SO much!


Cat said...

Oh Beth, I don't know where to start...first off I'm so relieved that your son is okay, his car looks just terrible! Life is so precious and fragile.

Secondly I'm thrilled for the two senior cats getting out of that shelter and that they can remain together. I confess I was unable to watch to videos but I definitely read your post. Isn't it wonderful when the cat community pulls together! I also noticed a posting on the Cat Blogosphere to help your cats, the CB is a great group of kind hearted bloggers!

Is the Chrystal and her daughter that you mentioned the same two people from Daily Dose of Dogs and Cats who rescued Wintergreen and tried to nurse her back to health?

House of the Discarded said...

Cat: You're right - CB is awesome! No, it's a different Crystal, but equally as dedicated :)

selkie said...

Beth, thank god your son is ok- he was one lucky boy -I can only imagine you are still shaking.

Thank god those poor cats got out- it always upsets and astonishes me that an elderly person dies or goes into a home and SOMEONE in the family can't take their animals. It is awful, it really is.

Brian said...

Hooray for the seniors and for your son not being hurt, two very good ways to start the week!

Deb said...

Hi Beth - Being a mother myself I can just imagine how your stomach has been in knots since your son's accident. Oh my God, he was lucky!
As for the seniors, I have thought about them SO much the last 2 days. I would catch myself picturing them sitting at that shelter and it made me feel just sick. I don't like donating on-line by credit card so if there is some other way I can send money to you please let me know. I would be more than happy to help with their travelling expenses. I wish them well wherever they end up and it just proves that cats are just as capable of loving another creature or human as any dog is. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Anonymous said...


YAY! So happy the little seniors are out of there - thank you! And happy to hear your son is fine - how lucky (though your nerves must be frazzled!).

I'm trying to donate ... is this you on
BN: 889198727RR0001 at

thank you!

House of the Discarded said...

I'm such a bonehead....I asked for donations, but didn't say how folks could donate. I've added a link and information in my original post.

Thank you all so very very much!


Anonymous said...

hi! if people don't want to donate using a card, can they use this address to mail cheques (from the Toronto Cat rescue facebook page)?

Toronto Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 41175
Rockwood Postal Outlet
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5C9

They also say if you have items to donate, such as food, or whatever you can call TCR and leave a message on the miscellaneous line 416-538-8592

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

What's that saying "your child is a piece of your heart walking through the world", or something like that. It's so true, and I'm so glad your son is okay.
I'm so glad the kitties got out of their together. I've been thinking about them all weekend and worrying they weren't going to make it...thank you so much.

JenL said...

Beth, I'm so glad your son walked away from that car.

So happy about those kitties! That is so sweet that they were touching each other through the cages =)

I made a donation as well. I did put that line in the donation subject line but then had to back up so I don't know if it took it. The one from Jennifer Li is mine. Needs to go to you!

Carolyn said...

I'm sending out lots of healing energy to you and your family. You'd mentioned in a previous post that your youngest son was very sick, and now this smash-up. Someone is definitely looking over his shoulder. If you don't already use Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, I'd recommend you get a bottle (4 drops under the tongue) to restore yourself to calmness in emergencies. I'm so thrilled the lovely pair getting a new foster home. I've heard pets sob like that before & yes, they do grieve outwardly. I'm making a donation & hopefully the two can be put in a carrier together? Bless everyone involved in this wonderful rescue.

Everycat said...

Someone is definately watching out for you son, that was an amazing escape.

So happy the seniors are out and safe and heading towards a better life. Thank you for what you do.


AFSS said...

So thankful the seniors were rescued and will be able to stay together.