Thursday, August 05, 2010


It's been three weeks since I posted about Toby and the case of mistaken identity when I accidently rescued the wrong cat. Lucky for the "wrong cat", but poor Toby had to remain at the shelter for THREE more weeks until rescue: is Toby's rescue day after a whopping 5 weeks in a stifling hot shelter. As you'll see in the video, he's a pretty happy guy in my guestroom washroom this afternoon:

Toby's happy and I'm happy too. You're welcome, little Toby. :)


Anonymous said...

Its great to see Toby so happy....what a doll and great video

Thanks for all that you do, I wouldn't have my boys if it wasn't for you..


Kea said...

Ahhh, Toby is melting my heart! What a sweetie! What a purr motor he has. Yes, he's a very happy boy.

Thank you for rescuing him! Lots of purrs and Light to him as he settles into his foster home later this evening, and eventually into his forever home--hopefully sooner than later!

Brian said...

Oh yes, that's a happy face, love it Toby!

Deb said...

YAH! Toby. YAH! Julie

Deb said...

OK scratch that. YAH! Toby YAH! Beth
Sorry, I'm tired and going to bed. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Daisy said...

Toby is awesome! I love his fancy 3/4 tail.

I know kittehs are so happy when they are adopted from the shelter! When we brought Harley home, he had lived at the shelter for 6 months. He stayed in our guest room for about 2 days, and when my Mommeh would go in there to be with him, he would purr and roll and headbutt and knead like crazy! He's still affectionate, but nothing like those wild displays of love he did on his first day home.