Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Mess Du Jour

Anyone that has cats knows that they can be little racoons. I went to the shelter today and brought back an adorable brown tabby kitten (don't say it!). He's about 16 weeks old and beyond cute.

He's already made himself at home:

Look beyond the initial mess and you'll see perfect little Coffee mate footprints going all the way down the counter. What you can't see, is the footprints continue all through the house! :)

We must have $500.00 worth of cat toys in the house and he chose a gigantic tub of Costco Coffee Mate.

I'm just glad he had fun. He can have anything he wants. :)


RHz said...

Thanks for sharing this one. Too funny. And, well, at least it's not paint! Lol.

Anonymous said...

haha!! isn't that the truth, it is amazing how cats find "non-cat toys" to be the most fun. Currently the new fasination at my house is...wait for it: a top to a water bottle...that has been flying around the house for days (and nights!) inbetween the tearing apart (clawing to death)of the poor english muffins from the breadbox! (I wonder why we, the humans, can't remember to EVER put them somewhere else!)