Friday, April 17, 2009

The Cat Shuffle

In two days, I've gone from being "Cat Rescue Woman Extraordinaire", to playing "Shuffle the Pets" at my house. Ever since I listed my house for sale, I've had a really hard time keeping up with the day to day goings at the rescue and shelter.

It's really been a living nightmare to take all the cats and 1 dog out of the house during each showing. I have to hide litterboxes, food bowls, scratching posts and make the house look like no pets have ever lived there. To be honest, I'm really fed up with the whole process and it's only been a few days. This is my home! In this home, is my life and in my life are my cats and my dog.

Today, I'm sitting in my car under a tree with 3 cats in crates (these are my sensitive cats - the rest went out into the garage) and my dog barking out the window. I'm waiting for the people to leave my house when my cell phone rings and it's my real estate agent:

Agent: Hey have a problem.

Me: YOU have a problem? I've been driving around for 3 hours with 3 cats and a dog that passes gas in the car.

Agent: There's still a cat in the house. A black one.

Me: Oh no! Willy! I forgot to put Willy in the garage! Can you just pick him up and put him in the garage?

Agent: I'm allergic and I don't know how to pick him up. He's rolling around on the floor and I think he wants me to scratch his belly. I'm trying to show your house, but the people who want to see the house won't come inside if there's a cat.

Me: &$%(*@!!!!

So I had to go back home, greet the agent and a disgruntled couple who was waiting to get inside to get my wayward cat.

Poor Willy. He probably woke up from a nap, looked around and saw that EVERYBODY was gone. "Xanadu!" I could almost picture Willy running around the house with scissors, jumping on the beds, leaving the lights on....he must've been thrilled to be alone.

I did manage to make some calls today and Brenda is doing a rescue tomorrow, bless her heart.

Life moves on without me. I'll just be glad when it's a more normal life. I'm already tired of trying to cover up that piece of ripped wallpaper in the kitchen. (Bad boy, Wilbur!)


Christine Gittings said...

I dunno... I'd be more inclined to buy a house which animals lived in than one that had no pets. Are all these potential buyers animal haters?!?!

Lisa said...

OMG! I can just imagine how exhausting (mentally) that is! I hated having to keep the house spotless the whole time it was listed in case someone wanted to look at it. Fortunately, my cat was part of the show...she would crawl under the covers on the bed to hide and the agent would point out the bump on the bed to the viewers and everyone would laugh.

Anonymous said...

I would get a new agent by telling him to go and have sexual relations with himself! You are way to nice to actually go back and get the cat. I would have said, "relax- he's already eaten today".

Steve Bartlett said...

Personally, I've decided that when (or if) I sell my house, the dogs and cats will stay put. If people don't like it, tough. They're not getting my house. The people I bought this house from had two dogs and a cat that followed me around diligently each time I came to look at it. Probably wanted to make sure I wouldn't steal anything :)