Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Being a Hero to One Cat - Part Two

So our new enthusiastic foster Mom made it through the shelter today with flying colours! She didn't cry (and neither did I!) I recognized the signs of being her overwhelmed with choices of cats to foster, so we narrowed it down to two young male cats.

I'm sure nobody will be surprised to hear that she ended up taking BOTH boys to foster! "Waldo" and "Quigley" are now safe and sound at the vets and being prepared for their neuters as I type. Tomorrow, they'll be spoiled rotten at her house. Waldo is a very handsome grey tabby boy and Quigley is an ornery little orange guy. Both of those cats were turning themselves upside down, inside out, rubbing, purring, paws out of the cage - ANYTHING to coerce her into picking him. "Pick me! Pick me!" I'm so grateful she took both.

I was able to rescue a darling little Mom and 4 kittens, and 6 others. You may recognize her from another blog post.

She's such a good Mommy and her foster family will be picking up her and babies this evening.

It's too bad I got my big fat head in this picture. I was trying so hard to get a good shot of one of the kittens. This little guy is 10 days old and actually HISSED at me! What a little booger! I love him already. Why do I love the bad ones? It's a good thing somebody else is fostering them. was a good rescue day. I feel energized and enthusiastic. Thank heavens for the help I received today to make this rescue happen.

Monday: 8 cats rescued

Today: 7 cats + 4 kittens rescued!

Unless my math is screwed up, that's 19 cats saved this week.

For today...I feel like I've made a difference.


Anonymous said...

And you sure have Beth! God bless you.

You know how to "pick em"


Steve Bartlett said...

Those little ones are so funny. My little bottle-feeder Molly (about 4 weeks old now) has been just amazing. She's using the litter box, if I can get her into it in time. She's learning to walk, and she gets so frustrated because she can't do it yet. I'm taking her to the pub with me tonight; she was a huge hit the first time.

Anonymous said...

OMG that mommy is SO beautiful. She looks like she's smiling up at the camera, doesn't she????

Beth Hamill, Pacey's mom said...

Either directly or indirectly, you've become a hero to HUNDREDS of cats, Beth. So remember that when you have to leave the shelter and can't save them all. Those you do save are so grateful!

(Speaking of, I hope someone can save "Karly".. I saw Brenda post her on Craigslist, what a little sweetie!)

Anonymous said...

You're doing a fantastic job Beth.
I've recently found your blog via Brenda's craigslist posting.
My heart goes out to you.

Anonymous said...

You are a hero EVERYDAY not by only rescuing the cats from the shelter but by the endless hours you spend on the phone talking to people and on e-mail praying foster homes keep coming forward.
THANK YOU for everything you do!