Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being a Hero To One Cat

I didn't really feel like writing tonight. I've had so much on my mind lately, that my brain feels really muddled with crap and a lack of organized thoughts. Sometimes writing them here helps me clear my head - or sometimes I just type a load of nonsense that nobody can understand. :)

Tomorrow I'm bringing a new foster Mom to the shelter with me. With great trepidation she agreed to come with me. I never want anyone to feel like I'm twisting their arm, but I really do believe that anyone that fosters a cat needs to go to the shelter at least once.

When I deliver a cat to someone's home it really sanitizes things. That's OK for some people. They want to help and prefer to not see the inside of the shelter. I get that. Really!
I'm looking forward to seeing what cat our new foster Mom ends up rescuing tomorrow. I know she's scared to go. I won't let her walk out with 10 cats even though she'll want to take 10. Tomorrow - she can be a hero to one cat. I'll have to write tomorrow to let you know who the lucky one is. Whomever she chooses has to get along with her current brood. She sounds like such a nice girl and really wants to help.

Earlier today I spoke with a very nice lady who was interested in "Bosco" at the shelter. Unfortunately, she decided to adopt directly through our rescue rather than the shelter. That's ok......because the already rescued cat needs a home too. But he's safe. Bosco isn't. I really want to help this guy, and I'm not so sure he's a good fit for our new foster Mom. I'll certainly introduce him to her.

Bosco is BEYOND cute and only a year old. He doesn't know how close he came to having a forever home, nor does he know how close he's coming to dying.

I can feel his pendulum swinging and it's not good news for Bosco. I hope I can save him.


Anonymous said...

He is so handsome....I pray he finds his home :(

Chantelle said...

Oh wow, that just made me cry! I have spent the last few hours since we spoke on the phone reading through your blogs and am very excited to start fostering. Chances are I'm going to cry like a small infant, but as I have read, you do this occasionally as well, so it's all good.

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

From what a little birdie told me, I believe not only one was rescued by the new foster home, 2 were? Thought you were only going to let her walk out with one? Just couldnt say no eh?
Tiffany :)

rsrowe said...

I am thankful that the rescue agency rejected my application and I met you as a result. I now have a wonderful friend in Molle and have a new founded respect for those who go to the shelters to save these precious cats. I believe that everything happens for a reason - I just hope that reason is a better home in store for Bosco.