Friday, March 27, 2009

"Kitten Season"....Already?

I had to search in the archives of my blog to find out when I announced "kitten season" last year. I was really sure this year's kitten season seemed to arrive very early. Ironically, that's EXACTLY what I said last year at this time: KITTENS .

This is the time of year where I start to panic about all the older cats that will be overlooked by "kitten hungry" rescues. You know those type of rescues - they take all the pretty kittens and and leave the older cats to die. Shame on them.
There's already quite a few Moms with their babies at the shelter. These are really sweet Mom cats....not feral wild cats. Somebody loved these Mama cats and obviously dumped them at the shelter when they got pregnant. I get so angry with this kind of PREVENTABLE situation that I could scream.

I'm sure when these dimwits drop off their cats and babies at the shelter they think the shelter will find good homes for them. WRONG. When the shelter becomes overcrowded, they'll kill the Mom and the kittens. It's a better death than being dumped by the roadside to become coyote food.

I'd love to be able to announce kitten season in July...or August..but here we are, March 27th, and the pregnant Moms, kittens, and Moms with kittens are coming in...often being delivered by the people who vowed to love them forever. (But not enough to get them spayed or neutered)

They euthanized a lot of cats this morning at the shelter. They had to. The staff had to make room for the enormous numbers of kittens that are coming into the shelter every day.

All these pictures are taken of cats that are currently in the shelter that I rescue from. They will die if we don't step forward to help them. There are so many...

...and so the cycle begins.

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