Monday, March 09, 2009

Another Reason to Believe in Happy Endings..

This is Mitzi. She was surrended at the shelter by her owner a few days after she was spayed and had a painful declaw surgery. (She still had her stitches!)

Why was Mitzi surrendered? Because she bit the owner's mother. Gee. Think Mitzi might have been in some pain following the removal of her uterus and amputation of her toes?

Where is the compassion? Where is the understanding and love for this little girl? I'm incredulous that anyone could be so selfish and uncaring. Karma. Right now, I want to believe in Karma. I wish I could know "What comes around...goes around" for people like this.

Fortunately for this sweet 1 year old little darlin' , I had the privilege of rescuing her today and taking her to my favourite adopter's home. I still had 3 other cats to deliver to various locations, so I couldn't stay and watch Mitzi come out of her carrier. But I did receive the following e-mail when I got home this afternoon:

Oh Beth, I am being showered with kisses galore from this sweet little angel that you have brought me today. She has eaten and had some water and gets so excited when I walk into the room. She is so tiny that I am afraid to pick her up for fear of hurting her. I don't understand how anyone could part with this precious little girl who wants nothing but to love you and be loved in return. I am very grateful to you for rescuing her from the shelter and please know that she will be very loved and well cared for as long as I live. I can't wait to let her out to meet the others and I feel very positive that all will be well.

Thank you for giving me another reason to believe in happy endings.


RHz said...

If people give up their pets when they get bitten, shouldn't they give up their toddlers when they bite, too?


Mitzi is adorable. Glad you could save this special girl.

House of the Discarded said...

RHz: I was bitten more than once by my kids when they were toddlers too! Looks like you're speaking from experience :)