Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Word That Changed "Clawdina" Forever

"Clawdina" is a tiny black persian girl that had arrived at the shelter "spittin' and kickin'". Nobody particularly liked Clawdina at the shelter because cleaning her cage and feeding her always resulted in her trying to bolt out of her cage which usually erupted into a fight to get her back. The poor thing had a big CAUTION sign on her cage.

The last time she got out of her cage, she had to be "netted" and it was a mess. She was 3 lbs of "pissed off". "Clawdina's" time was up and she was marked for euthanasia.

When Linda contacted us, she said she had been looking for a Persian cat for a long time, but only wanted a rescue. I'm always suspicious of people looking for purebreds. Don't ask me why - maybe it's because they ARE purebreds and the mixed-breeds need homes too. Clawdina may have been a purebred cat...but she was a purebred scary cat.

Linda felt very strongly that Clawdina was her baby....she was "the one"...and after a lengthy phone interview I felt that Linda could handle Little Miss Diva Clawdina. She had been warned!

I let Kim put Clawdina in her crate at the shelter. I didn't want to be scratched or bitten...let the expert deal with her, right? Clawdina and I proceeded to head down the highway to meet her new Mommy. Linda lives in Barrie, so we were both driving 1 hour and meeting someplace off the highway. I found a McDonald's and pulled in to let Linda know where I was...

Clawdina was looking at me through her crate in the front seat. I started coo'ing to her and I could see her face soften. She shuffled to the front of the cage and I was inspired to open the crate and pet her. She surprised me when she nuzzled my hand, and I surprised myself when I let her out of the crate and to sit on my chest in the car.

Clawdina's stretched lazily and started to purr. She sniffed my face and I stiffened warily. Clawdina started to nuzzle into my neck happily. The poor girl had a slight upper respiratory infection from the shelter, so her eyes were runny and she was blowing snot bubbles into my neck. I didn't care. She was purring!!

Clawdina knew she was safe. **Safe** That word changed this cat forever. When Linda showed up, I happily held up Clawdina - snot and all - and Linda started to cry. She scooped up Clawdina and showered her in kisses. Clawdina reciprocated with kitty kisses of her own.

I could feel the goosebumps on my arms. This was a special moment indeed.

Once upon a time, there were two silly women in a McDonald's parking lot crying with happiness. They held a 3 lb fluffy black cat that somebody tossed away like yesterday's garbage and left to die...a cat that everybody thought was nasty and evil. They chuckled at the mere thought that this sweet girl could be anything but angelic. They wiped the kitty kisses from their cheeks and took the cat home to love her forever.

And they lived happily ever after....


Anonymous said...

This is why I wanted a rescue cat only as well. Unconditional love and eternal gratefulness, returned with the same :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great story--very heartwarming. And it just goes to show what shelter life does to a cat. It's like prison for humans; imagine how sweet we'd be if we'd been locked up in a cage and didn't know why. Well done!

RHz said...

Agree with what was stated above... I'll only ever own rescue cats and I'll always believe that a cat is completely different once they're released from their "prison."

My beautiful baby girl Itsy, who shared 8 wonderful years with me and who I lost this past October and still am grieving over, was marked for euthanasia. She was with a so-called rescue group and had spent months in a cage.

I had begged and begged my husband to get me a second cat (that was when I had just moved out on my own and didn't realize I'd have a houseful in just a few short years!) so my Xander wouldn't be lonely while we worked. He picked Itsy and she arrived the night before my birthday.

Not because she was sweet and not because she was set to be pts, but because she was a beautiful and fiesty torbie girl that my husband knew I could love no matter what. And I did.

When the rescue called me to do a "follow up" call about 2 weeks later, they told me they couldn't believe what I was saying. Apparently, Itsy had been the most aggressive and difficult cat they'd ever had, actually biting a volunteer to the point she needed stitches.

She became the love of my life and though she wouldn't let many people even touch her, I could carry her around like a doll. She slept nuzzled in my hair every single night.

Animals know what's in a person's heart and they know who they belong with. I will love her forever and a day, always.

I'm glad beautiful Clawdina found her forever home.

House of the Discarded said...

RHz: What a wonderful testimony in adopting a shelter cat :) Thank you so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Best. Story. Ever.

Anonymous said...

What a happy ending!! Who would have thought that this scary girl just wanted a chance to show that all she needed is love.

I am still sobbing, but thrilled that these two have found each other and wish them the best.


whitesocks said...

Once upon a time there was yet another silly woman at the other end of the country tearing up at this beautiful story and so grateful that people like the other two exist...