Friday, March 06, 2009

One Little Life at a Time

A lovely young woman contacted me about a month ago regarding adopting "Penny" from the shelter. As I've posted before, this shelter does not have an adoption program, so I meet qualified adopters at the shelter for a "meet and greet".

Penny certainly wasn't the friendliest cat in the shelter. In fact, she was sick and sat in the back of her cage. My heart sunk when I saw her and I was sure Kristin wouldn't want to take Penny home. To be honest - I wouldn't blame her. Penny had given up on life. She wanted to die.

Kristin never hesitated. She scooped up Penny and knew that she was "the one". I don't know how she knew..but she knew.

We heard that Penny's new name is "Kota" and an e-mail came in a few days after her rescue: ...."she's GORGEOUS? I cleaned her up and brushed her and I think she just feels like a million bucks now. She still likes to relax and rest off by herself (like under the beds) so I let her be.... she always comes out when she wants to "hang out" and socialize, and she's a bundle of purrs and LOVES to get attention. My boyfriend, who has always said he didn't like cats and only agreed to get one to make me happy...I have caught him snuggling her and today he brought home a buffet of (MORE) cat suppies. I think she stole his heart too!! You were right, she is a TOTAL sweetheart and is so perfect for us.

The story keeps getting better and better for Kota when I received the following video yesterday:

One little life at a time....


Debbie said...

You have got to love these happy know the cats do!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can see the trust in her eyes!!!