Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An "Awwwww" Moment

I've been in a bit of "recovery mode" since the last rescue. It's been nice to catch up on laundry, phone calls, and emails. I actually emptied the dishwasher and loaded it with breakfast dishes BEFORE 5 pm! I'm planning another rescue tomorrow, so am organizing for that one too. No rest for the weary...

I received a very cute e-mail and picture that I just HAD to share it here. Dave is one of our new foster Dad's. He rescued Elliott last month and felt that Elliott had been lonely without a friend. So I rescued "Mike" to keep "Elliott" company. I always worry about this kind of thing, because some times it can backfire badly. When the e-mail came in, I held my breath while I read it:

Hey Beth, thought I'd send you another update.. I let Mike out to meet
Elliott on Saturday (Elliott obviously wanted to meet him - he was
crying outside the bathroom door at night, and I needed to start
getting sleep again). I was a bit nervous about having them meet,
particularly if Elliott would be too dominant - he's at least twice
the size of Mike. Fortunately things went quite well, and I felt
comfortable enough leaving them together when I headed out to the
store. When I returned, Elliott didn't greet me at the door so I
thought something was wrong and immediately set off to find out what
horrible incident had occurred - instead I found them curled up
together (see the attached photo). They've been getting along
wonderfully ever since - they eat together, play together, and are
almost always in the same room - they even groom each other (although
Elliott is still learning that Mike prefers to groom his own stomach).
Mike is a really sweet little guy - I can't imagine how anyone could
have decided they didn't want him anymore.

I can't imagine anyone not wanting either one of them. Bless their little hearts.


RHz said...

Yep. Definitely deserves a great big "AWWWWW!"

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful wonderful man Dave is :))) YEAH for 2 happy endings! Why can't they all be like this?
Thanks for sharing :)