Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Bye to "Steve" :)

I'm finding myself fosterless once again. "Steve" was adopted by a very nice couple (and their Abysinnian cat "Paolo") this afternoon.

This was one of the rare cases where I drove a foster cat to his new home. The couple didn't drive and I really liked them. Last time I did this, I drove my beloved little "Ducky" to a couple's house a few years ago and I left in tears. I felt like crying a few times, but I managed to keep my composure.

Their cat "Paolo" was a little doll and wanted SO BADLY to make friends with Steve. Steve kept hissing at him while he explored their lovely apartment. Poor Paolo even went as far as to "belly up" to Steve!

Sometimes I think we expect too much of these cats. Steve had been at my house for almost a month(?) and we pluck him from his foster home to place in him an apartment he's never seen before with people he's never seen AND with a 10 month old "new brother" and we expect them to bounce into some semblance of normalcy. I think Steve will be fine. He's a snuggly little social boy who will find his way into their hearts. No doubt about it.

The hard part about doing an adoption in someone else's home is that you have to actually walk out the door and leave your beloved foster cat looking frightened. I hate that I didn't kiss Steve goodbye because I was afraid I'd cry in front of these people. I couldn't even look at him as I walked out the door.

Maybe it was for the best. But the best for whom? Sorry for the macabre downer tonight. If you're considering fostering for the first time and are reading this - don't let what I say deter you from stepping up. Monday, I'm heading back to the shelter and doing this all over again. I wouldn't change anything. If I hadn't rescued Steve, he would've been euthanized alone at the shelter and thrown into a freezer.

So I got hurt. Boo frickity hoo. I'll be fine. Steve will live a wonderful life being loved by an awesome family because like many people, I stepped up and said, "I might get hurt, but if I don't help, who else will do it."

Call me. E-mail me. I'm going to the shelter on Monday and Tuesday is a "euthanasia day". I bet there's another "Steve" waiting for you too. This is the little fella I'd like to save on Monday:
Hang in there buddy - I'll be there on Monday for you!


Anonymous said...

You do such a wonderful thing, chin up!! Steve will adore his brother in no time, he has love waiting for him. At least he went from loving home to another loving home. Great work savings these babies :)

Steph said...

Aw Steve was so sweet! I crack up every time I think about him showing me how he uses his scratching post. I'm sure his new family just loves him already!

You do such a wonderful thing for these cats that only the strongest of us would be able to handle. Keep at it for all the Steves and Trumans out there!


p.s. Truman says "hello" and wants to tell you that his brother Tux is his best friend! ;)

Lisa said...

You're so right about how hard it is on us. Clearly we are more upset than the cats.
Always always remind yourself where the cat would have likely ended up if you had not fostered them.

k said...

A friend of mine does fostering as well, but with dogs. Two years ago or so, she had a French Mastiff rescue come under her care. Given the dog's size, etc.. it took quite a while before a suitable placement was found. During that time she bonded very strongly with the dog. She's regretted letting him go ever since.I don't think I could foster for similar reasons.

Anonymous said...

I have only recently become a fosterer, so I don't really have an awful lot of experience with letting cats go, but I do know that as soon as they come through the door, I love them as my own. So yes, giving up will be very hard but harder still would be knowing that I *could* have saved lives but didn't because I feared getting hurt in the process. That is a personal consideration though,and not a criticism of people who find it too difficult to foster. I, for instance, couldn't do what Beth does and go to the Shelter to save cats. I'd want them all and before you know it, I'd have 385 cats living in my attic...

You have no idea how much I respect and admire you for what you do Beth.