Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Monday" is a Rescue Day

Tomorrow should be a wonderful rescue day. David has the day off and we're going out to the shelter together tomorrow. I don't know why it's this way, but whenever David comes with me, I always end up crying before I leave the shelter! EVERYTIME! Last time he came with me, I dissolved in his arms crying. I'm surprised that he still wants to go with me. Hahahaa :) David is awesome at the shelter and is my *rock*. We have quite a bit of fun in the car, and argue about the music, heat and potty stops. I hope we're still speaking at the end of the day. :)

I've been organizing this rescue all day today. The cats are going anywhere from Kitchener/Waterloo, to Scarborough and Thornhill. It's going to be crazy.

Here are a couple of cute faces that are spending their last night at the shelter. Tomorrow, they'll be in a loving foster home and no doubt being spoiled rotten.

I think I'm rescuing about 10 cats tomorrow. You'd think after spending the majority of the day on this particular rescue, I'd know exactly how many I'm getting. I know what this means - it means that I'm not going to get out of there without crying tomorrow. It means that I'm going to bring an extra cat carrier "by accident" ...."just in case" I want to rescue somebody extra. "OOps....he wan't on the list?"

I'm not sure I can leave these guys behind: (They weren't on the list)

Can you blame me? Seriously...aren't these a couple of sweet faces? I can't imagine them not being in this world and part of somebody's life. They deserve to have a life and to be loved.

Somebody stop me.


RHz said...

Extra carrier? Really? Ohhhhhh! You mean the one that accidentally on purpose wound up in your vehicle? Hehehe. I always manage to have one of those, too.

Lisa said...

Bless you for crying and going back for more! I'd have cats stacked to the rafters because I wouldn't be able to leave the building knowing there were still cats there. I wish my emotions didn't get in the way of me being productively helpful for these furballs.

whitesocks said...

You are an angel.

meredith r. mistletoe said...

oh, Beth, I cry pretty much every time I read your entries, I can't even imagine doing rescues... you amaze me

rsrowe said...

You are a stronger woman than I am...I would be the crazy cat lady with hundreds of furry friends if I went there as often as you do. But I do thank every day you did and now I have Molle to show for it!

Beth Hamill said...

Hello Beth!! Your blog was posted on Craigslist pets section, and I'm so glad to find it! Did you get my email last week about "Pacey"? I just wanted to let you know he is settling in WONDERFULLY, is finally getting over his upper-respiratory infection, and we love him to death. Hope little Dmitri is doing well (we were soooo tempted to take him, too!)

- Beth and Kevin Hamill

nmg_ said...

Hi Beth,

I also come across your blog with the help of Craigslist. Thank you so much for all you do. I was looking through some of your older entries and couldn't help but laugh at all your tabbies (my Harley would likely go unnoticed in your home)

Please keep up all the amazing work you are doing. And when I'm ready for a second meowing, purring fuzz ball, I'll be sure to let you know.