Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Kitten Season Welcome

I wasn't expecting to announce the arrival of "Kitten Season" until April 15th. It feels odd to think that kitten season is here while there is still snow on the ground. Maybe I'm just ill prepared for the onslaught of little ones. I usually send out an e-mail to all the foster homes BEFORE kitten season arrives to compile a list on who wants to foster a pregnant Mom, Moms and kittens, or litters without Moms, bottlefeeding kittens, etc...

Either I'm late with the e-mail, or kitten season is pretty darn early.

The hardest part of kitten season for me is trying to stay organized with the numbers of litters we have, their ages and when they're able to be adopted. Right now we have six mom cats and 5 separate litters of kittens. I know this much because one of the foster Moms e-mailed me to give me a kitten update and I had totally forgotten that she had this little litter of babies! I knew then it was time to get organized!

Right now, we have 27 kittens in "the pipeline". None of them are ready to be adopted yet. We have one pregnant Mom cat and a worried foster Mom who is anxious to see her new arrivals. It's all so exciting, really! It feels like Christmas when I get a phone call or e-mail: "The kittens have arrived, and everybody is OK!"

Kitten season is a gut check for me. When it's good - it's really good. When I get bad news - well, it's really bad. I'm glad I have the blog this year to journal my experiences. No doubt there will be lots of posts.

I'm hoppin' aboard "The Kitten Season Rollercoaster"! (Pass the Gravol, please!)

<--Isn't she cute? She was born March 3rd!

Update: I forgot TWO more Mom cats + TWO more litters of kittens! Good Lord, I have to get organized!!

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Social Mange said...

I swear it's the influence of climate change causing the almost-year-round birthing. Cats used to stop birthing in the fall and start again in the spring. Now they're pregnant in January, February....it just ain't natural.