Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cat Hair In The Suitcase

I should be excited about my trip to Florida tomorrow, however the "International Complaint Among Women" seems to prevail and prohibit me from enjoying the pre-trip excitement. As the primary woman in the family, I'm in charge of getting the pets ready for the Petsitter who is coming to stay with my brood.

Paula is a wonderful petsitter. She stays in my house while we're gone and sees that everybody is fed and happy. I didn't realize until I actually typed it out how complicated my routine is for my pets! Here's the exact copy of what Paula (now known as, "Poor Paula") has to contend with while I'm gone (remember - this is JUST feeding them!):

Feeding the Gang

Maggie: 5:00 pm. One Scoop Wellness Dry, with One Can Merrick’s – 1X per day
(LOCATION OF FOOD: Maggie’s dry food is located under the sink in the laundry room, and her canned food is in the small cupboard to the right of the kitchen sink. Her doggie biscuits are there too. She’ll want a biscuit in the a.m. when she goes outside)
Main Floor Kitties: Ozzy, Jackson, Willy, Bandit, Wilbur
8 or 9 a.m.: 1 large can Wellness divided into 1/5, along with smaller can of Wellness divided into 1/5. I try to change it up for them often. It’s OK to mix up foods.
4:30 pm: Same as a.m. routine
(LOCATION OF FOOD: The canned food is under the kitchen sink, along with the dry)
***Ozzy receives 0.1 ml of his transdermal cream on the inside of his ear in the morning – once per day.** If he doesn't get this medication, he'll start peeing in the sinks.

Upstairs Kitties: Bob, Pella, Newman, Phoebe & Thomas
8 or 9 a.m.: They eat on two paper plates – 1 small can wellness divided ½, along with a can of Fancy Feast Tuna poured over the top. Please keep the dry food bowl full. Phoebe and Pella seem to prefer it, which is why we only put out two cans. As you can see, nobody is starving up there.
****GIVE NEWMAN ½ Pill at this time.****
9 p.m.: Same routine as the a.m.
***Newman gets the other half of her pill**
**I left a “pill halver” in the kitchen near her pill bottle – it’s easier and more accurate than cutting with a knife.

Forgot to mention that Bob has decided to pee right next to his litterbox every day. I just clean it up with toiletpaper and flush it down. There are Clorox wipes on the back of the toilet to sanitize. Bob doesn’t pee anywhere else – just right in front of his damn litterbox! Drives me crazy!!!

"Poor Paula" has 3 pages of directions. "Newman loves her "blankie" and needs it when she goes to sleep, Pella has poop on her butt all the time now, and needs her butt wiped"...the list goes on ad infinitum.

They're looking very pitiful as I'm trying to pack. I worry about my own cats and I worry about the 100+ cats in our rescue. It's time to leave it all behind and enjoy my 5 days of sunshine and poolside glamour.

I'm going to miss them. They're my family.

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