Sunday, March 02, 2008

When the Bad - Gets Ugly

If you're looking for an inspiring cat rescue post today, this isn't it.

I told myself that I wasn't going to post on my blog until things got better for me. So I posted a poem from a foster parent to give the illusion that things were OK in my life, but they really aren't.

I'm not sure if it was turning 46 yesterday that put me over the edge after a crummy week, or if it was just the accumulation of constant bad news all last week. I've posted in the past that I never have more than 2 really bad days, but last week was "the topper" with a solid 7 days of pure crap.

I've made a couple of poor decisions for the rescue that I wish I could take back - but can't. Some foster homes have made some poor decisions that I'm sure they wish they could take back - but can't. We've had sick cats and returned cats from prior adoptions.

I started this blog as therapy and as memoirs of the good, the bad, the ugly of cat rescue. But as I found out that people were actually reading the blog, I felt as if I needed to be a feel good inspiration. However, this morning when I answered the cat rescue phone line at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning only to hear someone crying on the other end and wanting to return her cat she adopted from us a year ago, I knew I had to vent a bit.

I feel like one of those cartoon characters with a dark cloud hanging over their head. The part that ticks me off the most is that it's detracting from the small victories we have had this week. Not fair. Not fair at all. I've actually resorted to talking to myself in the morning as I sip my coffee: "Today will be a GOOD day....I *CHOOSE* to have a good day..."

I did a little "Retail Therapy" yesterday and bought some crap at Home Sense I didn't need. Candles and picture frames always lift my spirits a little bit.

The sad part is that I walked by a really cute garden cat statue. I just couldn't stomach it.


Anonymous said...

We all have horrible moments that turn into horrible days and yes even horrible weeks.........just because you're running the rescue doesn't mean that your not human and cannot feel, experience and vent like the rest of us do.

Taking it one day at a time has always helped me. Try not to worry about tomorrow until it's on your doorstep and remember, no matter how alone you might feel - your really not; you have your own personal small army called foster parents who support you wholeheartedly and stand with you in what you believe for these animals we take in.

Your doing an amazing job and Happy Belated Birthday!

Social Mange said...

First, belated Happy Birthday! And it's always darkest before the dawn.

It sounds like you need a break...a vacation, a couple of days off, a lottery win.

Seriously, burnout is a major factor in rescue. It's a high-stress job without a paycheque or benefits. It can become exhausting finding the rewards within yourself. Next time, let us know!!!