Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Fear No More"

This beautiful poem was sent to me by one of our busy foster Moms, Jenn Duffield who wrote it this morning at her kitchen table. It brought tears to my eyes and speaks volumes for any rescue:

Fear No More

You poor abandoned soul, so sad and so alone,
We’ll come for you, and bring you into our homes.

No more hunger or pain, no more days full or fear,
We’ll find you a soul, who’ll love you through the years.

It’s for you that we fight and it’s for you that we breathe,
We’ll take care of you, your every wound and sneeze.

A room is always open at our faithful inns’,
Leave your worries at the door and with our love you’ll win.

Put your trust back in humans and we’ll show you it’s true,
That not every person is going hurt or mistreat you.

Those long scary nights just put them all behind,
Lay your weary head down and believe that we’re kind.

Those unsure days are behind you and a bright future is near,
Put your trust in our hands and it will come clear.

So, I ask you dear kitty, do you believe that it’s true?
Because we’re sure that you’ll see the ACR homes are all about you!

So, fear no more, my fine furry friends,
We will always be here, our love has no end.

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem so near and dear to our hearts...