Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something to Smile About

I always worry when my day begins with me stepping in a pile of cat barf in my bare feet. I suppose I could be grateful it wasn't cat pee and it was on the tile and not in the carpet. Nothing wakes me up faster than a *squish* between my toes. Who needs Tim Horton's when there's cat barf and bare feet? I cleaned myself up and slithered blurry-eyed down to my office and cautiously peeked into my e-mail Inbox. Surely when a day starts out so badly nothing good can show up in my Inbox this morning? I was wrong.

A few days ago we adopted a senior cat named "Pepper" to an active 82 year old man whose cat just passed away. I received an e-mail from the gentleman's daughter:

Dear Beth,
We picked up Pepper Saturday afternoon. Pepper is a beautiful animal and she has such a sweet personality. Dan’s father came with us and we have not seen him so happy in very long time. We can’t thank you enough for Pepper. She has already made a huge positive difference in our father’s life. He and Pepper hit if off right away. When we got them home, we were amazed that Pepper didn’t hide – she seemed very inquisitive about her new surroundings, but actually quite at home. We called him in the evening to see how they were doing and Pepper was sitting on his lap watching the hockey game with him..haha. Dan’s father has Sunday dinner with us every week and he didn’t even stay as long afterwards because he was anxious to get home to her. He talked non stop about her during dinner – he just loves her Beth. We are so happy. Thank you Beth and friends. You have made a real difference in our father’s life and we are very grateful.

Halleluah! After my last post about Senior Cats, this was such a victory for me, the rescue and all little old kitties that people think aren't as cute as kittens.

I haven't stopped smiling. :)


Anonymous said...

YES!, YES!, YES!..........this totally shows that noone should discount the elderly - whether they be on two feet or four!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Pepper and Dan's dad! And congrats on making such a great match!