Friday, February 22, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Look at that sweet little face and tell me that you could let her die alone in the shelter. neither. Mallie was brought into Animal Control the day I was leaving with a bunch of cats. She's just a baby (14 weeks?) and was brought in by a very nice man who thought he was doing the right thing. The man said he found her absolutely frozen in a snow bank. He "thawed her out" and brought her into the shelter for help. Of course she hasn't been seen by the vet at the shelter yet - he's on vacation. (Don't get me started) She was purring and looked happy to be out of the cold. The shelter staff thinks she has a broken pelvis from being hit by a car or kicked by someone. Because Mallie was brought in as a stray, they wouldn't let me take her at that moment. She had to do her "Stray time" which is 3 days.

Three days with a probable pelvic fracture. If I had been 5 minutes faster, I could've taken her with me, but she had already been put into "the system". I just wanted to grab her and run. Let 'em try to catch me.

So here we go again - rescuing another kitty that'll no doubt need a month's cage rest and a ton of vet bills that go along with her. As much as it sounds like I'm complaining - I'm really not. This is what we *do*. This is what we're *about*. The same wonderful volunteer who set up a cage in her living room for "Roxie" (our last pelvic fracture) has offered to take on Mallie too. Bless her heart.

We're coming to get you tomorrow, Mallie! You're going to feel better soon and go to a wonderful foster Mom who'll love you to pieces.

You're a lucky, lucky little girl and only the best will do.

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Anonymous said...

I love being apart of this rescue because of the darling "Mallie's" we save...........hang on baby girl - 3 days may seem long but a lifetime of love awaits!