Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Doctor Is In

Anybody who saw our vet bills would say we were insane to do what we do. If our rescue were IBM, they'd be filing bankruptcy within 2 months and the shareholders would douse themselves in gasoline. Sure...we're broke. Our adoption fee is $150.00, and our vet bills for the month of January was $10,000.00.

I know I should care, and I DO care about our financial situation. But would I do anything differently? No. No. and No. How could I ever tell one of our loving foster Moms that their foster cat isn't worth the extra money to make him well? I couldn't. I wouldn't.

Why on earth would anyone want to be part of a rescue that doesn't care for their cats medical needs? When I first came to Canada, I fostered for a rescue that didn't do such a great job on the healthcare of their cats. The one poor little kitty that I was fostering had ear mites so badly that her ears were bleeding and infected. She was miserable. When I asked the director to take the cat to the vets, she said "Maybe next week we can do it." That's not acceptable in my books. I spent $350.00 of my own money to insure the cat was taken care of, and checked out of the rescue.

I'm incredibly appreciative of the work our primary vet does for us. He gets stuck with a lot of crap and his poor vet assistant gets stuck with 5 phone calls per day from 5 different people asking about the status of the same cat! They deal with emotional foster parents and me wringing my hands with worry about money. I've looked through each and every bill that comes in. He doesn't charge us for a lot of stuff he should. He's a lovely man, and I'm so grateful to have him.

The running joke between me, D- and J- is that "SOMEBODY has to start sleeping with a veterinarian, so we can get some free stuff!" *LOL* I was bummed to find out my daughter is in love with a soon-to-be-Podiatrist and not a veterinarian.

There must be a cute single veterinarian who wants to meet my daughter?? I'm too old to be showing some thigh for free vet care.
January's Vet Bill stack. Anybody have a match? :)


Social Mange said...

Oh, cr*p. OK, gotta get moving on the grant papers. I've got too much thigh to be showing it for free vet care. I could show to a roomful of vets at one fell swoop *LOLOL*.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beth, your an angel!!