Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Common Ground

It's no secret that I have two teenage sons that drive me crazy most of the time. Finding a common ground between me and 17 & 19 year old males isn't always easy. In fact, it's downright impossible. I never know what subject will be considered sacred - girls? school? university? God forbid - money!

But there's one thing we can always talk about - cats. I think parents who have no pets by choice really miss out on that common bond. These rough, macho boys melt when I bring in a new foster - or when one gets adopted. I remember my older son bottlefeeding newborn kittens a few times. This is the same kid that comes home from University for the sole reason that he misses "HIS cat - Jackson". There's nothing like watching your sons nurture animals that makes you feel warm and fuzzy - no matter how irritating they are.

I've completely let things get out of hand at dinnertime because I'm desperate for pleasant conversation. Two of our cats sit on the kitchen table while we're eating dinner. We laugh as they scoot closer...and closer to our plates. It's OK that we're not talking about grades, or perhaps the latest scratch on my car. There's laughter in the house, and I'll do almost anything to keep that energy.

I wonder if it's the major reason I want to keep my latest foster, "Thomas". My younger son and I have developed a special bond with Thomas. Sometimes after school we'll hang out on my bed and do nothing but kiss Thomas and talk about how cute he is. "Mom, we REALLY need to keep him!! I'm so attached and I love him so much!" Yeah, me too Bud. I don't want to lose that common ground.

Our family pets give us so much joy - so much absolute happiness. It's the common denominator when nothing else makes sense in our lives.

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Social Mange said...

You hit the nail on the head. Children who are responsibly raised with pets (parents being responsible about the pets) develop empathy that is valuable to and for them all their lives. Love the pic of your son with Thomas!