Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Can See the Light....<*squint*>

The fog is starting to lift from my heart, thank heavens. It was a scary week for me because I've never felt so isolated and fragile before. It was a good thing for me to post what was going on. Gratefully, I received an outpouring of care and concern - some of the people I didn't even know! I received several e-mails from the directors of other cat rescues who understood and had been there done that:

Dear Beth,
I run a cat rescue in ,(deleted for privacy) and understand exactly what you're going through. There is a burnout factor in what we do. Sometimes the burnout is just the need to take a day off for myself. Other times I sit and wonder what I got myself into. Sounds like you experienced the latter for the first time. Keep at it despite the momentary anguish. It does pass and you'll be able to move forward. The biggest mistake you can make is to isolate yourself from others. Force yourself to talk about it and ask for help. I understand. Best of luck from a fellow sister in rescue.

Thank you for that e-mail, "fellow sister in rescue". It goes to show that we really are a family.

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