Saturday, April 11, 2009

....Not Feeling Very "Spring Happy"....

Note from Beth: There's a few swear words in this post, so please don't read this post today if this offends you.

I arranged for a very nice sounding young man to go out to the shelter to meet "Emilio". I couldn't be there to help him, but the shelter staff was happy to show him off. Justin took Emilio home and it was a wonderful match.

I suppose I should be happy and grateful that another cat got out of the shelter today. But when I called Justin to see how Emilio was doing, he told me that the shelter was totally full. All four rooms at the shelter were "wall-to-wall cats".

That means on Monday (there is NO "Easter Monday" for the vet) will be a horrible "euthanasia day" at the shelter. God forbid the fucking vet would take a day off from making his $70.00 per cat kill rate. *argh*
It's not the vet's fault. I want to blame him, but it isn't his fault. If he didn't make money doing it, somebody else would.

Everybody just keeps dumping their responsibilities off on the City employees to take care of their problems. I'm moving....having a baby....the cat pee'd on my kid's allergic.... my boyfriend doesn't like him....blah blah blah.

Are these the same people who blame the teachers when their kids start taking drugs?

While you're eating your Easter dinner tomorrow night, there will be many sweet cats in metal cages at the shelter eating their last meal. They'll be tucked in for the night and Monday morning they'll die.

I'm so pissed off I could scream.


Lisa said...

I'll scream with you. While the Huumane Society euthanasia stats get lower every year, the city shelter's increase...even with the same budget.
If you go to the Toronto Humane Society page, you can find out how to question your city councillors about this.
My frustration is about irresponsible cat owners. 2 pregnant females in the neighbourhood now. :s

House of the Discarded said...

Lisa: I should get more involved with politics to change things. I've never been much of a politician, because I can't stand the slow process.

Two pregnant females in the neighbourhood? How very sad. :(